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Smart Factory – Digital Technology to Accelerate your Business and to Bring Efficiencies

The term “Digital Technology” has been used so often nowadays, that sometimes it’s becoming too common and it has lost its meaning because the term is too broad. But one thing for sure, that digital technology implementation will give competitive advantage for your businesses, no matter what sectors you are in. Smart Factory, as one of the trend words in the industrial sector, has been considered as one of the biggest things in recent years and will only grow in the future, especially in current times, where production and supply chain are facing big challenges.

According to Gartner, smart factory is a concept used to describe the implementation of different combinations of modern technologies to create a hyper-flexible, self-adapting manufacturing capability. It is an opportunity to create new forms of efficiency and flexibility by connecting different processes, information flows and stakeholders. So, Smart Factory doesn’t mean applying one software to the entire factory. Some important terms to know are:

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things is a concept of connecting machines and data management in Smart Factory, to reach improvements in productivity and quality.


Sensors help to collect data at every stage of the manufacturing process, providing real time visibility into the whole process in the factory. Sensors are usually attached to devices and machines.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing will help to store, process, and share data with flexibility at a lower cost. Devices and machines that are connected will be able to quickly upload large amounts of data that can be viewed in real-time.

Big Data

All the data from every device and machine will be collected and will be analyzed to give a clearer visibility. This will help decision makers to see opportunities for improvement in many aspects.

By continuously improving the performance, businesses can benefit a lot by adapting the concept of smart factory, from boosting efficiency and productivity, to improving product quality.

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