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Montron and Logimar’s project in Monselice

Montron and Logimar's project in Monselice

Perfect cooperation in our GIRN Family.

Montron and Logimar, when they met in Italy, not only had a pleasant exchange, but also discovered a potential collaboration that optimally combines their strengths and expertise. An exciting opportunity has come their way: the complete dismantling and removal of an internal automated logistics facility in Monselice.

This challenging task requires a team with the necessary know-how and experience. With 800 tons of steel, 200 tons of polypropylene and hundreds of kilometers of cables, a precise and professional approach is essential.

Montron and Logimar are looking forward to the future with anticipation and will keep in touch about a possible collaboration.

We cannot repeat: Together we can achieve more. And what better proof of this than the ongoing collaborations between our members.

Congratulations to you Logimar and Montron.

Member Update – Montron GmbH

Montron GmbH Charity

Since inflation, daily life is becoming more and more expensive. From food prices to fuel bills, as well as rent, electricity and gas – the additional costs are almost unmanageable, especially for low-income families.

But there is a glimmer of hope: companies can help improve the living conditions of these families by providing free services and enable them to lead a better life. For this reason, Montron GmbH has decided to support socially disadvantaged families and children.

The first project of this kind was a pro bono assembly for the after-school care center of the Wiener Bedarfshilfe. Two of our employees assembled four IKEA chests of drawers. The chests of drawers serve as storage space for the children and were accepted with great enthusiasm.

They are proud to have made a small contribution to improving the lives of these children and hope that other companies will follow this example. Because together we can make a big difference and help make the world a better place.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can Help someone.”

Project Update – Montron GmbH

Project Update-Montron GmbH

Montron GmbH specializes in worldwide assembly, disassembly and placement work, and also provides logistics and relocation services for machinery and shipping containers.

They have an experienced team of professionals who use the latest technologies and tools to get the job done quickly, efficiently and accurately. Their focus is on customer satisfaction and Montron work hard to provide them with the best possible results.

Contact them:


More of our Member project – Montron

GIRN Montron Project

We have a great project from Montron GmbH. Please welcome the Montron’s words with a warm greetings.

„Short videos and individual pictures only give a brief impression of what all our employees have to do day in, day out.

But a quick run-through can at least give a better overall impression.

We want to use this time to thank our business partners from GIRN and especially our employees for hundreds of thousands of working hours in 2022.

Montron GmbH wishes everyone a wonderful December and a relaxing and successful Christmas season.“

And we at the GIRN Team thank you for your kind words, and we’re glad you’re on the board Montron.

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Project Update from Montron GmbH

GIRN Montron Project Update

🔝Project update from Montron

“The new way of shipping” 💯

Montron GmbH has learned to swim together with WITS. A 35m long and 200t heavy bucket chain dredger is to be dismantled, packed, transported and reassembled. After 28 years in the same gravel plant, the upcoming work is very challenging.

Sure they can execute it due to the challenges they are the best. 👌

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Project Update from Montron

Montron assembled by helicopter

📢 Member Update

Montron GmbH not only specializes in assembly, but also in bringing in machines and systems.

With a total of 4 men, they installed fire gas fans at a furniture manufacturer.

The use of a crane was not economical due to the circumstances, so they brought in the parts to be assembled by helicopter.

The solution often consists of complex processes that their customers have to fulfill.

All of our exciting projects and services can be viewed on their new website.

They always look forward to new challenges. 👌


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Project Update from Montron GmbH

Moving Factory - GIRN and Montron

🆕News to start the day on Wednesday:

Our Member Montron GmbH from Austria is busy as always. 🇦🇹


Montron GmbH has been working for several weeks now with lifting work of some switchgears/transformers at the Schwechat site near Vienna.

Through project info from a GIRN member, MONTRON is coordinating lifting work for a well-known international hardware and software developer and technology company together with their partner: STS Group.

In total:

More than 60 lifting operations are to be carried out for our customer.

They are specialized in international lifting operations.

Please feel free to contact them if you have any further questions: office@montron.at

💯Montron GmbH never stop.

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Project Update from ETM & Montron

🔝Project Alert in GIRN Family.

The connections made at our Annual Meeting in May are not just our story to tell. 🤝

The collaboration between two of our great Members ETM and Montron started 8 weeks after the 1th GIRN Annual Meeting in Vienna.

We are very excited to show you.


Removal of Equipment at MSD in Krems, going to various costumers in Eurpope.

Packing done by WITS GmbH

All thanks to Montron and ETM for the conscience work. 👌

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