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Montron and Logimar’s project in Monselice

Montron and Logimar's project in Monselice

Perfect cooperation in our GIRN Family.

Montron and Logimar, when they met in Italy, not only had a pleasant exchange, but also discovered a potential collaboration that optimally combines their strengths and expertise. An exciting opportunity has come their way: the complete dismantling and removal of an internal automated logistics facility in Monselice.

This challenging task requires a team with the necessary know-how and experience. With 800 tons of steel, 200 tons of polypropylene and hundreds of kilometers of cables, a precise and professional approach is essential.

Montron and Logimar are looking forward to the future with anticipation and will keep in touch about a possible collaboration.

We cannot repeat: Together we can achieve more. And what better proof of this than the ongoing collaborations between our members.

Congratulations to you Logimar and Montron.

Update from Logimar & Brunel Shipping

logimar und brunel shipping

📢What great news in the GIRN family.

Another collaboration between our partners. 🤝

Our partners Logimar (representing Italy) and Brunel Shipping (representing UK) just loaded their cargo at Fontaneto d’agogna.

The transport consisted of one kiln tyre station with a diameter of 5,85 meters for the weight of 98 Tons from the North of Italy to the final customer warehouse in England.

Logimar and Brunel managed all phase of the transport: from the very long and difficult process to obtain the road permits in Italy, including the inspections of 7 bridges, coring and relations from the engineer company.

The road train, with a lenght of 35 mt. reached Genoa to be shipped on roro vessel to the port of Southampton and then to follow the road to the final destination in Uk.

We cannot repeat: Together we can achieve more. And what better proof of this than the ongoing collaborations between our members.

Congratulations to you Logimar and Brunel Shipping. 👏

Safe journey and great work.

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new partner logimar

We are glad to announce that Logimar SRL has joined GIRN as a partner from Italy. 🇮🇹

Logimar Srl is from the north of Italy, in the middle of the most industrialized areas of the Country.

Founded in 2006 counts on a team of 20 people highly specialized in Project Logistics and from 2020 supports the most important relocation companies handling all logistics legs.  

🌐Some of their services are:

  • Sea freights – LCL (Groupage) and FCL shipping services conducted in collaboration with a network of exclusive agents worldwide to allow transportation from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Air freights – Logimar uses the main carriers for consolidated air shipments.
  • Project Cargo – Logimar was founded in 2006 and started as the company of the group focused in Project Cargo:  too large or too heavy equipments to fit into standard containers.
  • Overland & Warehousing – Domestics pick up and deliveries arranged through our dedicated courier owned by the group. Logimar has a covered 5000 square meters covered warehouse and 15000 square meters uncovered deposit. It‘s a modern and secure structure with guardians to ensure best oversight day and night.

Such qualities are the reason why Logimar SRL is a reliable business partner for your industrial relocation project.

For any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact: info@logimar.it.

Welcome to GIRN, Logimar SRL! 🤝

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