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GIRN Partner Application

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Join GIRN with a powerful partnership

Our unique network connects the world’s leading industrial relocation experts, offering unparalleled global market access. In a rapidly evolving industrial landscape, we provide specialized solutions for machinery and factory relocation. Our collaborative approach, guided by decades of industry experience from our CEO Bartosz Swiderek, ensures high-quality, flexible services to meet modern challenges.

Your benefits as a Partner

Double turnover

As a member of our network you will have knowledge about new projects, you will be able to carry out projects with other network members.

Certificate of the global network

Get new customers in the local and international market by being a certified member of the only network of industrial relocation companies in the world.

Company reputation

Being a member of a global industry organisation is prestige. The global character of our network guarantees a higher reputation.


You have access to more than 100 decision makers from companies from all over the world in the industrial relocation market – relationships, information, education, inspiration and business opportunities.

Joining the Global Industrial Relocation Network

The registration process consists of two steps to ensure quality control.

In Step 1, applicants must provide two project references (including facts and pictures), two customer references, and a comprehensive company presentation.

Once your references are approved in Step 1, we will send you a registration form to create your company profile and a membership agreement in Step 2.

After completing these steps, you will receive a Membership Certificate and gain full access to the network and its benefits.

Complete the form provided above and click ‘Send’. We will then contact you to begin the process.