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Project Update from Wallmann & Co.

Accessory Parts from Wallmann Terminal in Hamburg

📢 Busy days at Wallmann&Co.

Trans-Trading GmbH just had coordinated a FOB shipment of one Turbine, one Condenser, and Accessory parts.

Heading from Hamburg to Surabaya, Indonesia.


POL: Hamburg, Germany

POD: Surabaya, Indonesia

Terminal: Wallmann Terminal

Trans-Trading GmbH recently coordinate a FOB Shipment of one Turbine, one Generator, one Condenser and Accessory Parts from Wallmann Terminal in Hamburg.

Shipment included 121 packages with a total weight of 877.037,6 kgs.

Turbine (8,45 x 5,30 x 4,77 mtr – 157tons), Generator (8,75 x 4,00 x 3,50 mtr – 108.4tons), Condenser (11,32 x 4,96 x 4,75 mtr – 80tons) and various accessory boxes were loaded.

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Project Update from Montron

Montron assembled by helicopter

📢 Member Update

Montron GmbH not only specializes in assembly, but also in bringing in machines and systems.

With a total of 4 men, they installed fire gas fans at a furniture manufacturer.

The use of a crane was not economical due to the circumstances, so they brought in the parts to be assembled by helicopter.

The solution often consists of complex processes that their customers have to fulfill.

All of our exciting projects and services can be viewed on their new website.

They always look forward to new challenges. 👌


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Another wonderful year with Relopack

Thank you GIRN Relopack

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

Relopack – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality partnerships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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Project Update from VPL

6 x Power Generation Units, 124 Tons

📢 Project Update from our Partner Viking Project Logistics.

Viking Project Logistics welcoming autumn with two huge 124 tonned cargo. With two Antonov AN 124 cargo aircraft landed in Istanbul from Baltimore. This was completed succesfully of course in 4 days.


Viking Project Logistics bid farewell to summer with two AN-124 cargo aircraft landed in İstanbul (flew from Baltimore to İstanbul.)

The happiness of successfully completing 2 x AN-124 cargo aircraft and ground handling operations and transit customs procedures in 4 days is the reward of the care they show to their projects.

Cargo : 6 x Power Generation Units, 124 Tons

Great job again VPL 🙌🙌

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Case Study from 7 WL

7WL FCL Break Bulk Parcel via Umm Qasr Port till door Baghdad

7 Worldwide Logistics has just executed perfectly and delivered the heat and quench exchangers from Berlin to Baghdad. The project finished just in time.


On behalf of a world leading producer of Heat Exchanger in the oil and Gas sector they have executed the transport of 10 Units Secondary Quench Exchanger together with spare parts and lifting devices having a ttl volume of around 600 FRT.

The cargo was collected ex factory Berlin by barge / truck combination in order to have the most efficient utilization of the equipment.Short before operations started they have been informed about massive vessel rotations with the effect that the ocean vessel started discharge / loading operations already at that time when their cargo was still at suppliers site. Same has directly lead to a lot of talks with MSC, Terminal Operators, Barge and Truck companies.

Together with all involved they finally managed to have all items exactly 1 day before vessel departure loadready at Terminal.After arrival at Eurogate Terminal Hamburg the cargo was directly transferred to Mafi Trailer for a smooth transfer alongside vessel “Monaco Maersk”. The 12 OOG Items have been stowed on a bed of 12×40’FR inside vessels hatch.All in all – perfect example for: “Just in time delivery”

As from arrival at Umm Qasr their local partner will take over and arrange the oncarriage till Refinery Site in Baghdad.

7WL did great again👏👏

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Another wonderful year with HESS GMBH

Thank you GIRN - Hess Gmbh

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

Hess GmbH – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality partnerships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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PARTNER ALERT: Deufol Polska and Wallmann & Co

new partner Deufol Polska and Wallmann

We have more great news!

Our network keeps growing and growing. We are pleased to welcome the companies Deufol Polska and Wallmann & Co – both part of the Deufol Group.

Deufol is a global company with more than 90 subsidiaries on 3 continents. They have more than 2,400 employees worldwide and have been operating in global markets for more than 40 years. They specialize in export packaging of machinery and equipment and the proper protection of goods from moisture, corrosion and mechanical damage. In addition, their specialty is supporting supply chain management and streamlining logistics processes. They have their own IT solutions to support their customers and optimize supply processes. Through their global “HUB Solution” network, they manage the largest logistics projects of many global manufacturers. They have their own port terminals with lifting capacity and warehouses in the most strategic locations.

About Deufol Polska – is the first branch in Poland located in Chwaszczyn. The production facility, together with a constant growing trans-shipment warehouse with excess operating space.

At their facility, they manufacture crates, pallets and transport platforms. They provide reloading and container stowage services, as well as packing and securing goods for shipment.

They have the necessary handling equipment and fleet of vehicles to provide a full range of services to their customers across the country.

Competence, know-how and absolute reliability – with these values Wallmann & Co. has been your partner in the Port of Hamburg for 100 years now. As a high-performance universal terminal, they offer you the entire range of modern logistics solutions for goods handling and storage from a single source. As a member of the international Deufol Group, Wallmann has been the Deufol Seaport Hub in Hamburg since 2021.

Welcome to GIRN, Deufol Polska and Wallmann & Co! 🤝

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Case Study from Sinoserv

Sinoserv just replaced a sealing from a main hydraulic cylinder

Sinoserv just replaced a sealing from a main hydraulic cylinder of a forging press in Anshun, Guizhou province. With technicians, mechanics and specialists Sinoserv executed the job perfectly and in time.


The press owner, a Chinese SOE, manufactures mainly aviation equipment, such as parts for aircraft engines and forgings made of nickel- and titanium-alloy as well as gas turbine forgings and related parts. Their products are successfully marketed and delivered domestically and internationally.

The press manufacturer, a long-term customer of SINOSERV, approached the Engineering team with this project and requested that the sealing replacement must be performed in the shortest possible time, as the press machine was urgently needed for production. One of SINOSERVs’ experienced Supervisor conducted a site visit in advance to evaluate the scope of work and to determine required tools and equipment. After technical clarification and detailed scheduling, the customer decided to award SINOSERV with this challenging project.

SINOSERV deployed nine Technicians, including Supervisors, Mechanics, Electricians and Hydraulic-Specialists to the site. In order to follow the schedule, the work had to happen during weekends, with daily overtime and partly in night-shift as well.

First step was to drain about 2000 l of hydraulic oil and disassemble all hydraulic pipes, valves and aggregates above the hydraulic cylinders’ cover. In order to dismantle the cover, 24 nuts had to be removed from the tie-rods with a special hydraulic tensioning device.

After the dismantling, the cylinders’ cover had to be transported to another supplier for the precise machining of the sealing surface in order to fit for a new and different kind of sealing package.

After the cylinders’ cover came back from the machining supplier, SINOSERV successfully completed the cylinder assembly, including the new sealing package. Subsequently the Technicians had to reassemble the pipes, valves and aggregates on top of the press as well as to refill the hydraulic oil. After everything was carefully reconnected and prepared, the Commissioning-Engineer and Operators were immediately able to start with the recommissioning and testing of the press function.

Another great work done from the Sinoserv Team as always, just the best. 👏👏

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MEMBER ALERT: Worthy Parts

new Member Worthy Parts

Let us update your information about one of our Members the Worthy Parts located in Australia. 🇦🇺

Established in 2014, Worthy Parts is an internationally recognised platform for sourcing and selling parts, components and machinery across the mining, earthmoving and construction industries.

The sales team at Worthy Parts comprises of qualified tradespeople with diverse industry background. The team operate out of multiple locations and offer unique buying and selling solutions across a global network.

Worthy Parts dismantle machines to repurpose parts and components, this offers an alternative supply solution to clients, which saves money and downtime. Worthy Parts store new, used and reconditioned parts and machinery at several supply warehouse and storage facilities. Worthy Parts offer quick removal of assets from sites with organised logistics. This involves the organisation of trucks, cranes, parts and repairs to assist in asset removal.

Feel free to contact with them: parts@worthyparts.com
Welcome to GIRN, Worthy Parts. 🤝

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Member Update from TPL

TPL BB shipment from Antwerp to Sri Lanka

TPL (Transport & Project Logistics) had just a loaded a huge containervessel with 2 x 5200 kgs silos from France to Colombo.


2 silos from France to Colombo via Antwerp port. 1 unit/5200 KGS, 1 silo 21,504M x 3,56M x 3,783M1 unit/5200 KGS, 1 silo 21,502M x 3,529M x 3,495M

They have arranged the discharging at the terminal in Antwerp, loading on a bed of 40’ flats on a containervessel, discharging in Colombo.

A special spreader of 21m was needed.

Everything is in great hands and full control. Perfect work TPL. 👌👏

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