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1st GIRN Annual Meeting – Thank you

Thank You GIRN

📢💥 After the amazing GIRN 1th Annual Meeting, we are back home

We were honored with the attendance of our Members and Partners in Vienna.

Your participation in this year’s version made it a great one.​

We provide the best industrial services worldwide
Lets’ get the BEST

Your GIRN Team

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Case Study from DEXTRA GROUP

case study dextra

We are glad to announce this work in progress from the Dextra Group who connects Cebu and Mactan islands and thats a huge thing. Keep on Dextra!

Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), colossal bridge in the Philippines.

Cebu – Cordova Link Expressway is one of the biggest infrastructure projects being undertaken in the Philippines. The project features a combination of a causeway, a gigantic cable-stayed bridge that will cross the navigable zone of the Cebu Strait, two viaducts and four low height bridges, as well as roadways and pedestrian walkways.

The main bridge will be built with a 400 meter cable-stayed main span, with 60-meter navigation clearance, allowing ships to easily navigate through the expressway. The main bridge of the expressway will connect Guadalupe River to the Shell Island in Cordova, while its colossal viaducts will link it to the causeway and road networks to Mactan.

For the reinforcement of the colossal expressway’s foundations, the contractor has chosen Dextra’s well-known rebar splicing solution Bartec. More than 35,000 units of Standard, Bridging, as well as Transition splices of steel grade 75, both in diameter 40 and 50, have been applied to the foundations’ piling cages as of July 2018. Moreover, to provide better end anchorages in congested areas, the CLJV opted for Dextra Bartec headed bars, which are also known as end anchors. Bartec end anchors are a convenient alternative to hooked bars, traditionally used for anchoring.

Count on DEXTRA for all your logistics needs.

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Case Study from Noatum Project Cargo


Such a grandiose work done from our Partner: Noatum Project Cargo 👏

The latest operation by the Noatum Project Cargo team comes with such great measurements it’s hard to believe!

They successfully handled the safe delivery of seven columns for their client 𝗦𝗰𝗵𝘄𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗛𝗮𝘂𝗺𝗼𝗻𝘁 to a new alkylate production facility in #Pasadena, TX. The main tower weighted 440 tonnes, with a height of over 30m. It was directly discharged to a 48 axles SPT set loaded on board a barge with floating cranes. Then, the cargo was rolled off on a river jetty for final road #transportation.

Well done Noatum Project Cargo

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Update from Viking Project Logistics ✔︎

Project update Viking to Veracruz

Awesome Project update from our partner: Viking Project Logistics 👏

Under the organization by Vikings overseas representative office, the port work was successfully completed, and the construction machinery was loaded into the port and shipped to Veracruz.

For any logistics inquiry, please contact Mr. Erkan KAZAR

Amazing job once again, Viking Project Logistics Team!

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New Member from India: Kodan Solutions

„Teamwork makes the dream work“ 🏭

We are very proud to announce today that we have gained an partner for India – Kodan Solutions Pvt Ltd

With more than 35 years of experience, Kodan Solutions Pvt Ltd has the expertise to efficiently manage the transportation of various types of cargo from inland and ports to anywhere in the world by sea, air, road and rail. They optimize different types of transportation modes for their cargo within the shortest possible time by providing the best alternatives and routes at the best possible conditions.

With their relentless pursuit of excellent customer service and their ability to provide tailor-made logistics solutions for the metals and mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, manufacturing and high-tech industries in Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, Kodan Solutions is the perfect partner in our network.

Thank you for being a part of this growing team. Welcome aboard!!

If you have any further questions, please visit the LinkedIn profile and website Kodan Solutions, both of which can be found in the comments section, or contact them directly:

CEO Ittu Sharma

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GIRN Webinar 18.03.2021!

The benefits of being a Member.

About GIRN – Global Industrial Relocation Network is the only network that gathers the companies operating within dismantling and industrial relocation industry. Our goal is to create a network of the most professional and reliable companies in the industry.

During this webinar, we would like to familiarize you with the potential benefits that come with membership. In addition, we have invited some experts from the industry who will share their experiences with you at Global Industrial Relocation Network.

The agenda of this webinar is as follows:

1. Bartosz Świderek the President of Global Industrial Network – “Introduction to Global Industrial Relocation Network, Why it’s worth joining!”

2. Marcello Saponaro the chairman in Africa Logistic Network – “The benefits of being a member of a network”

3. Michał Makowski the senior project manager. “Case study of successful cooperation between members of the network. PLX – Sharma Fabricators and Erectors”

4. Andy Swanson commercial manager at ExonTech: “How the network partners can complement the service”.

5. Time for questions.

Link to the event – https://www.linkedin.com/events/6773236126158262272/

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New Partner from Turkey: Viking Project Logistics

Welcome on board Viking Project Logistics!

As Phill Jackson once said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” That is why we are constantly growing and today we present you a new logistic partner form Turkey Viking Project Logistics!

With the well-experienced staff at oversized, heavy weight and RoRo transportation, Viking Project Logistics is chartering and freight forwarding company that provides service to customers who mostly operate within construction businesses and industry projects. Even though their best regions are Middle East, Africa, CIS and Far East countries, thanks to their wide agent network they are able to provide services to nearly each destination in the world. In the form of port to port and door to door with sea, rail, land and airways. Welcome on board Viking Project Logistics!

Viking Project Logistics mostly operate within following areas:

Project logistics

Crane renting services and cargo lashing and unlashing


Overweight and oversize transportation

If you have any questions feel free to reach Mert Köksalan and Erkan KAZAR!

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N E W S L E T T E R # 2 – Project from 7WL and Pol-Inowex

Our other logistics partner for Germany, 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH has started their first project, generated by our Polish member Pol-Inowex, for a project of a 2nd hand complete paper mill to Asia – a first excellent example of the benefits GIRN gives to members!

GIRN currently offers exclusive access for members for the following relocation projects of 2nd hand equipment and plants as follows:

From USA to Turkey

From Belgium to China

From South Africa to USA

From Vietnam to India or Bangladesh

These projects are a mix of power plants, paper machines, paper mills, generators. The range of turnover for dismantling starts from approximately couple of hundred thousand USD up to 20 million USD turnover. Access to more details can be obtained for GIRN members only

In case of any further questions feel free to approach Josefine Draxdorf or Jędrzej Świderek.

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New Member From Poland: Welcome Pol-Inowex!

Dear members and partners!

We have more great news!
Our network keeps growing and growing. Today we are pleased to welcome a company from Poland 🇵🇱 ! From now on Pol-Inowex is a dismantling and relocation member of Global Industrial Relocation Network

Pol-Inowex has nearly 30 years of experience in the market across a range of industries providing innovative dismantling, industrial relocation and reassembly services. Their offer, apart from standard dismantling and packaging, includes also match marking, 3D scanning and dry ice cleaning.

The company employs now over 200 employees, and the number is still increasing. Many of them are accomplished technicians with experience in multiple industries in which Pol-Inowex operates. Their veteran technicians operate sophisticated, professional tools and equipment daily, and they happily accept new challenges.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit Pol-Inowex LinkedIn profile and website.

Contact Details

CEO – Bartosz Swiderek
Managing Director – Piotr Rakowski



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N E W S L E T T E R #1 – Global Industrial Relocation Network

Global Industrial Relocation Network – NEWSLETTER

The Global Industrial Relocation Network (GIRN) has recently started it’s activities being the first and only global network for companies such as dismantlers/installators and whoever else is connected to the field of industrial relocation services.

GIRN is offering members and partners the unique possibility to offer a one-stop-shop for members, i.e. GIRN-members will be able to offer dismantling/logistics/installation to their customers worldwide rather than only a part of the services required as it is currently in most of the cases. This enables members to generate more business, more turnover and last not least more profits!

Starting with this newsletter we will update all interested parties, members and partners about our developments every week.

Latest News:
We also welcome 7 Worldwide Logistics GmbH (7WL) from Germany as Logistics-partner to GIRN.

The 7WL-team has a long lasting experience in logistics, forwarding, transport for 2nd hand equipment, heavy lifts, out of gauge cargoes and complete 2nd hand (and new) industrial plants. 7WL is one of the very few companies having the necessary expertise and know-how for industrial relocation projects.

GIRN currently offers exclusive access for members for the following relocation projects of 2nd hand equipment and plants as follows:

From USA to Turkey
From Belgium to China
Access to more details can be obtained for GIRN members only.

For more information please contact Josefine Draxdorf, Network manager,