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More of our Member project – Montron

GIRN Montron Project

We have a great project from Montron GmbH. Please welcome the Montron’s words with a warm greetings.

„Short videos and individual pictures only give a brief impression of what all our employees have to do day in, day out.

But a quick run-through can at least give a better overall impression.

We want to use this time to thank our business partners from GIRN and especially our employees for hundreds of thousands of working hours in 2022.

Montron GmbH wishes everyone a wonderful December and a relaxing and successful Christmas season.“

And we at the GIRN Team thank you for your kind words, and we’re glad you’re on the board Montron.

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SME Pre-carriage & Port handling


Successfully completed the transportation of 121 packages Module Stack and Ducting with total volume 5,103 cbm from a fabrication which located in the northern of Vietnam to the port of loading at Hai Phong city. The tight of delivery schedule of the project required SME to be closed coordination with all related parties as client, port authority, shipping agency and customs office in order to ensure all operations were taken place smoothly. Now the cargo is safety at its site.


• Scope: Pre-carriage & Port handling

• Cargo: Module stack & ducting

• POL: Hai Phong port

• Total Quantity: 121 packages/5,103.11 cbm/532.73 Tons

• Dimensions of main packages:

Module 1: 1045cm*658cm*470cm

Module 2: 1232cm*565cm*478cm

Module 3: 1499cm*720cm*335cm

Module 4: 2272cm*355cm*370cm

Module 5: 2280cm*540cm*345cm

Perfect job SME Logistics 💯

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Project Update from Montron GmbH

GIRN Montron Project Update

🔝Project update from Montron

“The new way of shipping” 💯

Montron GmbH has learned to swim together with WITS. A 35m long and 200t heavy bucket chain dredger is to be dismantled, packed, transported and reassembled. After 28 years in the same gravel plant, the upcoming work is very challenging.

Sure they can execute it due to the challenges they are the best. 👌

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Another wonderful year with Sinoserv

Thank you GIRN Sinoserv

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

Sinoserv – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality memberships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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SME executed perfectly for their client a challenging task with ease. The cargo were De-oiled filter vessels and skids with the quantity of 28 packages and the weight of 288 tons. The shipment arrived safe and sound according to the schedule as always.


Due to the limitation in width and height of cargoes, it was impossible to transport cargoes from fabricator to the port of loading by land.

To tackle the problem, their experienced specialists did decide to shift all skids and vessels to a jetty near by the fabricator before the cargoes were loaded onto barges by combination of 2 mobile cranes.

All operations were taken place smoothly as an example of their ability in handling heavylift cargo. The safety is always their priorty in every movement of cargo.

SME did an excellent job. 👏 👏

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European companies are gradually relocating production back from Asia

GIRNews European companies are gradually relocating production back from Asia

A growing number of European industrial companies are moving their previously outsourced production closer to home.

Outsourcing activities to low-wage countries in Asia has been one of the biggest trends of the past three decades. By outsourcing some production to countries such as China and Bangladesh, or outsourcing aspects of customer service and software development to countries such as India, companies are able to increase revenue while reducing costs.

By using outsourcing, companies are able to gain a competitive advantage over competitors who retain jobs in more expensive labor markets.

In the wake of the coronavirus, executives have begun to look differently at the way supply chains are built. The recovery from the pandemic has been slowed by resource constraints due to problems in supply chains, and ethical criticism is mounting.

Today, manoeuvrability and flexibility have become more important than low labour costs.

The many disruptions to supply and logistics chains over the past two years — from the impact of the coronavirus to missing components to skyrocketing shipping costs — are prompting companies to overhaul their networks of factories and distribution centers.

Companies from Europe mainly see Central and Eastern Europe as possible production destinations. The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, along with the Netherlands, are also considered serious possibilities.

What do you personally think of this development?

Read the full article here: https://www.consultancy.eu/news/7430/european-companies-increasingly-moving-to-reshore-asia-production

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Project Update from Samoco

Samoco changed an old acid tank

🔝 Samoco executed perfectly a task at Basf, Antwerp site.

They lifted, and changed an old acid tank with a huge 500t crane. The task was completed in time and they made an astonishing work.


Basf, Antwerp, on this site Samoco changed an old acid tank by order of Eurochem and Basf. The old tank was lifted out using a 500T crane, the new tank arrived by ship where it was unloaded using the 250T crane and transported by truck to its new location where it was placed using the 700T crane. With only a 3cm clearance between the existing structure and the new tank.

Well done Samoco. 👏 👏

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Project Update from Indumove

indumove old liftmotor which is removed

A mentionable move from Indumove with an old liftmotor which is removed from a pedestrian tunnel building.

Workers from Indumove removed parts of the engine of a 4.5-tonne 1933 lead elevator from the upper level of the tunnel. With careful and precise work, they removed the fragile parts of the old hoist motor from the machine housing and placed it in a wooden crate on a truck.

You can read more here: https://www.gva.be/cnt/dmf20221018_93394948

Everything for a good reason from Indumove. 👏 👏

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Another wonderful year with APL Projects

Thank you GIRN APL Projects

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

APL Projects – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality memberships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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Project Update from Energomontage Engineering AD


The heart of an extrusion line which Energomontage Engineering AD dismantled and sent to Western Africa.

The scope included press weighing, calculation of center of gravity, fabrication of lifting points and preparation of a lifting plan for the trip, securing of the main cylinder, conservation and preparation for the oversea transport.

All executed flawlessly by their Team.

Well done Energomontage Engineering AD! 👏 👏

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