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Trips during pandemic

International business involves foreign travel. 🌎

The situations with pandemic prevent part of the business trips and also teached us, that not as many travelling is maybe needed like before.. 

What are your experiences with international business travel? 
Do you still travel for meetings or maybe online meetings are the best solution for you? 

We still visit customers/members/potential members around the globe, just on a smaller scale. Experience shows, that real face-to-face-meetings are still much better than video-meetings, especially when you get in contact with somebody, whom you never met before. 

We would appreciate if you share your experience/comments.

Pls do not hesitate also to contact us, when you wish to meet us personally – we can always allocate real meetings in our ongoing travel-plans.


Members Alert

A warm welcome to our new German member: 

As one of the leading service providers in the industry with 40 years of experience, Hess GmbH knows exactly what matters when it comes to business relocations. Depending on the task, individual concepts with transparent and clearly defined processes are developed, including all necessary services at a fixed price and from a single source.

It doesn’t matter whether a complete company is moving or only parts of a machine park are to be relocated. Because with Hess GmbH perfectly coordinated assembly teams and assembly equipment specially designed for machine and plant relocations, they realise company relocations of any size – nationally and internationally.


Indumove from Netherdands!

We are happy to announce that our network is still growing! Please welcome INDUMOVE industrial relocations from the Netherlands.

With 20 years of experience in the field, INDUMOVE has become a household name in the Dutch industrial relocation industry.

In 2003, the company was taken over by Mr. B.M.M. Moll. With his efficient team and an outstanding network of contractors, INDUMOVE industrial relocations guarantees high-end quality work in industrial relocations and machine handling

With over 80 craftsmen and locations in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, they are leading in West-Europe.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit Indumove LinkedIn profile and website, both of which can be found in the comments section.

Planner – Bart Rosendaal

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GIRN webinar!

After first Global Industrial Relocation Network webinar we obtained a very positive feedback. We are really glad that so many of you found some time to listen to our speakers. That’s why we have decided to host second webinar on 21st of April.

Due to the fact, that companies form industrial relocation industry are from all over the globe we have decided to have two rounds of the event. The first one starts at 8:00 AM (CET) and the second at 6:00 (CET) . In this way every dismantling company will have a chance to participate.

A few days ago we introduce you our new CEO Mr. Jürgen Weyhausen. During our webinar he will provide you with the benefits that members can obtain.

Moreover, please find a link to the LinkedIn event and a short video where Mr. Jurgen tells a few about the webinar. You simply cannot miss this opportunity.

Link to the event ->

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Welcome ExonTech!

Technology is best when it brings people together!

It always has been a very important part of our life and businesses. That’s why we are extremely happy that Exon Tech Ltd has decided to become a GIRN’s partner!

Exon Tech Ltd., a UK Engineering and Software design company has developed through twenty years’ experience some extremely unique software.

Database designed specifically to monitor, store and track information associated with the dismantling, transporting and reassembling of plants and industrial assets.

Asset Relocation has been developed through the experience gained over twenty years of global petrochemical plant relocations. Such a practise has been proven to reduce risk, time and therefore cost of such complex projects.

Using their own systems, they can generate reports, audits, instructions, shipping manifests and 3D Models and design drawings. Therefore, they can greatly assist in the ultimate refurbishment, shipping, laydown, rebuild as well as future operation of the plant in its desired destination

In case of any questions please contact Andrew Swanson the commercial director at Exon Tech!


Industrial Relocation Market size!

According to our analysts, the value of the industrial relocation market is estimated at $4,000,000,000. Why should you not take some of it?

We asked our members. What are the main problems faced by companies offering dismantling and relocation services? In their experience, the reliability of relocation companies can be a big problem. Some companies are simply not able to complete a complex projects. As a result, customers end up paying higher costs than originally set and the whole project takes much longer!

That’s why we check our members very thoroughly so that we can offer our clients the cream of the industry! Also we have within our network partner companies that provide services related to plant dismantling. Such as logistics, industrial software, manpower etc.

What is your experience with the relocation industry? What are the challenges that you have to overcome?

In case you are interested in being a member please click here! Moreover, feel free to reach us on LinkedIn!

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Dear follower!

Another Global Industrial Relocation Network NEWSLETTER is on!

As our network grows and we attract more companies from around the world, access to industry information is much easier. Now we have a question for you! One of our clients approached us to find a reliable company capable of doing dismantling work in Argentina. As of today, we do not have a member for this country. So, if you know a reliable company from this region or if your company is able to perform a paper mill dismantling in Argentina, please let us know! In order to do so you may approach Josefine Draxdorf, Jędrzej Świderek or Paula Mulak!

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the numerous participants in our 1st webinar! We did not expect that so many of you would find the time to attend and listen to our speakers! We really appreciate your effort. Due to the high demand and many questions, we have decided to host another webinar at the end of April. Again, our speakers will be talking about the benefits that come from being a member! We are going to invite interesting guests, from all over the world, that will share their experiences with you! More information will be posted soon! We can’t wait to see you again!

Welcome aboard Kodan Solutions!

„Teamwork makes the dream work“ 🏭

We are very proud to announce today that we have gained an partner for India – Kodan Solutions Pvt Ltd

With more than 35 years of experience, Kodan Solutions Pvt Ltd has the expertise to efficiently manage the transportation of various types of cargo from inland and ports to anywhere in the world by sea, air, road and rail. They optimize different types of transportation modes for their cargo within the shortest possible time by providing the best alternatives and routes at the best possible conditions.

With their relentless pursuit of excellent customer service and their ability to provide tailor-made logistics solutions for the metals and mining, oil and gas, infrastructure, manufacturing and high-tech industries in Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas, Kodan Solutions is the perfect partner in our network.

Thank you for being a part of this growing team. Welcome aboard!!

If you have any further questions, please visit the LinkedIn profile and website Kodan Solutions, both of which can be found in the comments section, or contact them directly:

CEO Ittu Sharma

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