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We are proud to announce that SURET has joined the GIRN Family as our new member for USA. 🇺🇸

SURET provides specialised services for industry, including manufacturers in the automotive, food, metal, energy, shipbuilding and steel industries, among others. SURET is an expert in relocation and installation of production lines and the outsourcing of manufacturing-relevant processes.



SURET has developed a proprietary handbook for efficient relocation. It makes every sense to know it.
Welcome to GIRN, SURET!

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We are pleased to announce that PRIMAX has joined the GIRN family as member for Brazil 🇧🇷

PRIMAX has been in the market since 1963 and is a Brazilian company that stands out in Latin America for overcoming challenges for large Brazilian and foreign groups. It specializes in the heavy transport segment, offering services in engineering, technical removals, installations, industrial assembly and equipment rental.
The positive results they have accumulated in more than six decades of existence underpin their solid development and the excellent approach they have achieved with their customers in a wide range of industries. Based on the know-how of their experienced technical team and their state-of-the-art equipment fleet, they are ready to offer innovative integrated or stand-alone solutions characterized by high quality and strict safety standards.

Main Services, in Brazil and South America are:

International Turn Key Projects
Planning and Project Management
Industrial Relocation and Installation
Assembly and Dismantling industrial’s lines
Machine Moving
Engineering Services
Specialized mechanics and electricians Teams
Heavy Lift
Crane Services up to 600 tons
Hydraulic Gantry Systems up to 500 tons
Special road transport for oversized loads
Hydraulic multi axle Trailer
Heavy-duty Modular Trailers
Special packaging for exports.
Project Consulting

Welcome to the Global Industrial Relocation Network, PRIMAX!

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We moved to Frankfurt

Global Industrial Relocation Network (GIRN) has made a strategic move from Bremen to Frankfurt am Main.

This relocation offers enhanced accessibility to the Frankfurt Airport, one of Europe’s major transportation hubs, ensuring streamlined logistics and connectivity for our clients worldwide.

Moreover, Frankfurt’s status as a leading global financial center and business hub presents numerous advantages for GIRN. The city’s vibrant economy, diverse talent pool, and extensive network of international companies create exciting opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Join us in embracing this new chapter as we leverage Frankfurt’s dynamic environment to further elevate our services and expand our global reach.

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Introducing GIRN’s New Brand Identity 🎉

At Global Industrial Relocation Network (GIRN), we are excited to unveil our fresh new branding, a symbol of our commitment to facilitating industrial relocations on a global scale.

New Logo, New Horizons
Our new logo is more than just a design; it’s a story of integration and evolution. The merger of the iconic globe with the robust silhouette of an industrial factory symbolizes our worldwide reach and industrial expertise. This harmonious combination represents our foundational belief that industry and global connectivity are key to the growth and sustainability of businesses everywhere. A heartfelt shoutout to the creative minds at BrandPunch — especially the visionary, Boran Baykul, for his dedication to bringing our brand’s essence to life.

What’s New?
As part of our rebranding journey, we are meticulously crafting a new website that will seamlessly align with our updated image. This digital renovation is designed to enhance user experience, providing a more intuitive and engaging platform for our partners and clients. Stay tuned, as the website will go live soon!

Transition in Action
While we eagerly await the launch of our website, we have started rolling out our rebranded elements across various platforms. You might have already noticed the change in our communication materials, social media presence, and soon, across all our digital touchpoints.

A Pledge to Our Network
This rebranding reflects our pledge to stay at the forefront of the industry relocation sector, offering unparalleled service and building bridges for businesses worldwide. We’re ready to embark on this new chapter with you.

Stay Connected
This year is set to be monumental for Global Industrial Relocation Network (GIRN) as we unveil our dynamic new branding and hint at more groundbreaking announcements in the pipeline. Follow us to keep up with our latest updates and the official website launch announcement. We are thrilled to navigate the future under our new banner, and we’re just getting started! #GIRN #Rebranding #GlobalReach #IndustrialRelocation #NewBeginnings #Innovation #BrandIdentity

Member and Partner Meeting in Hamburg

This is exactly why the GIRNetwork was founded:

To see our members reunited at follow-up meetings in order to strengthen the cornerstones that were laid at the AGM and to refine collaboration. 

So today a new and wonderful example in the North of Germany between the WIS Group and CHS Container Group

Thank you John Williamson, Arne Dall and Julius Fehrmann for sharing with us.
Amazing! Keep up the good work 🔝

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NEW PARTNER – TPP for Australia

We are proud to announce that Trans Pacific Projects has joined the GIRN Family as our partner for Australia:

At the same time Trans Pacific Projects has been providing superior Project Forwarding Services to worldwide clients since April 2007; offering specialist services across all aspects of freight forwarding, including but not limited to heavy haulage, ship chartering, customs clearance and consultancy.

Trans Pacific Projects has handled multiple major projects in the infrastructure, energy and oil and gas sectors since its establishment in 2007 and is a 100% Australian owned and operated company with their head office conveniently located in Biggera Waters, Gold Coast.


  • ·    AIR AND OCEAN 

Furthermore Trans Pacific Projects also provides a range of additional services, which include but are not limited to: Cost estimations, Project consulting; Road surveys; Packing Services, Cranes, Rigging, etc..

A very warm welcome to GIRN, Trans Pacific Projects!