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Sharma Fabricators and Erectors!

We are more than happy that companies from around the globe have trusted us. We build GIRN to help our members operate globally and make industrial-relocation projects way easier.

Today we would like to present you the high-quality company form #India.

Please welcome new GIRN member: Sharma Fabricators and Erectors!

They started their journey in 1954. That was the age when construction work used to be carried out manually – at least in India. Time advanced, technics changed, new technology arrived in the construction field also- bringing sophisticated instruments and equipment for more perfection, less hazard, ‘Safety & Quality First’ conception and quicker completion. Sharma Fabricators and Erectors, never shied away from this modern trend and continuously absorbed new concepts, technics, instruments, equipment, safety gadgets with time to time training for its workforce, supported by qualified, experienced, updated and dedicated team of Engineers and Supervisors.

We are honored Vinod SharmaSaurabh DubeySharad Dubey!


Relopack Case Study

Project Overview

In the last few weeks, we have made over 20,000 m2 of protection in shrink wrapping for our clients.

Both of these tasks were very demanding due to their scale, but with our Know-how, experiences and a good team work, we finished these projects successfully and met our clients satisfactory

Project Details

Project implemented for a Client from Poland in the region of Saxony in Germany:

We tightly covered the storage tanks of the brine used for the production of soda with heat-shrinkable foil (for the time of covering their surface with an anti-corrosion coating).

Relopack Case Study

from Poland in the region of Saxony in Germany:

We tightly covered the storage tanks of the brine used for the production of soda with heat-shrinkable foil (for the time of covering their surface with an anti-corrosion coating).

Project in the Silesia region in Poland:

We secured several large & oversize loads for transport – modules of steel energy structures.


Please give a warm welcome to our new member form Thiland🤝

“Established since 1983, Dextra is a leading manufacturer and distributor of engineered construction products for the building and civil industries, supported by a team of over 900 professionals worldwide. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Dextra is a privately-owned group of companies with affiliates in America, Europe, Middle East, India and Asia. Dextra supports and serves the construction industry with smart and dependable solutions that help consultants and contractors design and build ever-challenging structures today for tomorrow’s legacy.”



We created the Global Industrial Relocation Network for the reason to connect companies to work together in global market!

One of our costumer has contacted us with a request.
They are looking for companies whom will make relocation project:

Dismantling in Portugal and assembly in Mexico.

We are connecting the best quality companies together.

It’s the main value of our network! COOPERATION🤝

Please contact us at any time for further questions:

Josefine Draxdorf
Paulina Mulak
Jedrzej Swiderek
Alvin Dewayana


Member Alert!

We all know about Portuguese culture, cuisine and wine however not many of us are aware of the fact that they are also leaders in many other industries and branches. Today we present you a great company form Portugal Transportes Machado.

With more than 70 years of experience, Transportes Machado is a company with complete solutions for any problem, being recognized by the main industry sectors in Portugal.

Their main goal is to guarantee customers’ satisfaction and always to lead the frontline of innovation, not only on within their equipment but on their know-how as well.

For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Eduardo Aroso

New Partner from Switzerland!

In order to provide our clients with a complement service in our network we need reliable and professional partners. Today we are more than happy to present you Welti-Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG from Switzerland!

This company, rich in tradition, was acquired in 1993 by the Knecht Group from Windisch, Switzerland and complemented the already existing activities in heavy-duty. Under the Group’s leadership it has since grown to become one of the leading transport companies with an innovative and wide-ranging portfolio of services, which are available via five branch offices covering all of Switzerland. Today, Welti-Furrer Pneukran & Spezialtransporte AG is the number one address in Switzerland for heavy load logistics and complements these activities with relocations and fine-art.

Success doesn’t just happen. Welti Furrer ‘s 180-year history is proof positive that clients absolutely depend on their team’s expertise and flexibility. Rightfully so, because at Welti-Furrer they leave nothing to Chance. Customer satisfaction is highest priority – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Welcome CHS Container Handel!

Global Industrial Relocation Network does not only gather dismantling oriented companies. Our goal is to have all different companies that are involved in industrial relocation process.

Today we present you our new partner form Germany – CHS Container Group. In the relocation process having a reliable container provider is a key aspect. That’s why we are very happy to welcome CHS Container Handel in our GIRN family. 

They have been thinking and developing mobile solutions for our customers for more than forty years. Worldwide logistics or regional accommodation: they keep complex projects flowing quickly and flexibly with their containers. They deliver the right “box” to you: from standard sea containers to refrigerated containers and room elements to custom-made special containers – one or a hundred, today or next week.

In case of any questions please contact: Christian Leopold


Cooperation between members!

An example for an successful cooperation between members of GIRN:

One of our members has contacted us with a problem:

Several projects of Polinowex have started at the same time. One of them is a project in Aalen (Germany), which has started in 2021.

Pol-Inowex needed a company to work with to finish this project.

Our network was able to help with this.
We connected Pol-Inowex and Relopack Solutions who are now working together on a project in Aalen. 👏

Dismantling of a paper manufacturing machine Aalen Germany:

·  Delivery time: 6 months
·  Number of containers: 440 containers
·  Weight of dismantled devices: 5700 Tonnes 
·  Employment: Polinowex 38, Relopac 10


Global Industrial Relocation Network

Successful project of our member TPL!

We always are open to share a successful stories and projects of our partners and members. Today we have a look at a project conducted by TPL (Transport & Project Logistics)bv

TPL shipped several huge silos between March-May 2021. Directly by coaster from Pal (Liege Port, Belgium) to Gdańsk (Poland). The largest units were 575 cm He x 550 Wi x 2500 Le and weighted more than 50 tones. Due to their sizes it was impossible to transport it by road.

TPL found an alternative solution. They carefully planned unloading the siloes on the pontoon via the Vistula river in Poland, which was only navigable for a few months.

TPL showed how flexible they are and that there is not a problem that can not be solved!

In case of any questions please contact: Robert Vermetten


New Member

The more the merrier, we all know this saying. That’s why we present you a first member from Switzerland! Please welcome: BAUBERGER AG

They have been operating since 1970s. During almost 50 years they gathered international recognition and became one of the best in the business.

Moreover, they master the balancing act between immense sizes, the heaviest weights and the smallest precision work with ease. Precise, fast and safe. In every situation and in every dimension. Worldwide and with Swiss quality.

In case of any further questions please find a LinkedIn profile of BAUBERGER’s CEO, MR. Marcel Bach.