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Update from Logimar & Brunel Shipping

📢What great news in the GIRN family.

Another collaboration between our partners. 🤝

Our partners Logimar (representing Italy) and Brunel Shipping (representing UK) just loaded their cargo at Fontaneto d’agogna.

The transport consisted of one kiln tyre station with a diameter of 5,85 meters for the weight of 98 Tons from the North of Italy to the final customer warehouse in England.

Logimar and Brunel managed all phase of the transport: from the very long and difficult process to obtain the road permits in Italy, including the inspections of 7 bridges, coring and relations from the engineer company.

The road train, with a lenght of 35 mt. reached Genoa to be shipped on roro vessel to the port of Southampton and then to follow the road to the final destination in Uk.

We cannot repeat: Together we can achieve more. And what better proof of this than the ongoing collaborations between our members.

Congratulations to you Logimar and Brunel Shipping. 👏

Safe journey and great work.

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