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DEUFOL – What’s important when packaging industrial goods?

Do you need on-site packaging?

Shipping and packing industrial goods can be a complex process and needs to be properly planned. How big and how strong should the packaging be?

How will the cargo be handled and what does that mean for the packaging?

What regulations should we take into account?

DEUFOL helps you out. With these 5 points of focus for industrial export packaging.

Professional on-site packaging: the DEUFOL mobile packaging service

Their packaging specialists support you in packing your industrial goods in a timely and cost-efficient manner. It doesn’t matter where. Their mobile packaging service ensures that your goods get packed at the right place at the right time, in the right quantity and quality, for the right cost.

No matter whether the goods need to be packed. In your factory or an external warehouse, at your supplier or at the port terminal. They can help.

More questions on packaging or logistics for industrial goods?

Deufol – experts in industrial goods packaging and logistics – can help. Check out their answers to frequently asked questions on packaging and logistics for industrial goods.


KGE Global Logistics – Disassembled Gantry Crane from various places in Europe to Kazakhstan

KGE was nominated to transport Disassembled Gantry Crane from various places in Europe to Kazakhstan close to Chinese border.

Total transit time was around 25 days including border crossings.

NOTE : there was some wide pieces loaded on Sonder 14 / 5,70 wide and Sonder 15 / 470 wide

Also long beams that reached till 28,00 meters and 34t gross weight

All sonders were successfully delivered to their respective destinations with support of their highly skilled and dedicated team.

They provided customer with the complete daily tracking which result to satisfactory feedback from their customer.

Once again KGE succeeded to handle this project with complete professionalism and customer satisfaction.

With their branch in UAE as KGE Global Logistics they are able to reach further into middle east and GCC with the best services putting them on top of handling project cargo across the world.



Perfect job KGE Global Logistics

SACEMA Nordic Projects News – 3 gensets from Northern Ireland to Norway

SaCeMa Nordic Projects, based in Denmark has recently completed another successful shipment of three-high quality gensets. Each genset had dimensions of 1255 x 353 x 375 cms and weighed a substantial 35000 kgs.

The route of these gensets began in Northern Ireland and concluded in Norway. This successful delivery highlights SaCeMa Nordic Project’s expertise in managing complex logistics operations across borders.

Lyseo S&P News – Factory relocation from France to India

These past 2 month have been busy for Lyseo S&P Teams. They’ve just finalized shipment for a factory relocation from France to India.

Started at the end of 2022, their team finalized the shipment in April of 2023

This relocation was handled via successive shipments

  • 15 x 40’OT in Gauge
  • 1 x 20’Flat OOG
  • 2 x 40’Flat OOG
  • 2 BBK successive Shipment
  • 1st shipment of 2 units for a total of 95 tons
  • 2nd shipment of a third unit weighting 53 tons

Amongst the management of truckers, warehouses & carriers, their team also handled the purchase & installation of tarpaulins for all BBK units as well as the cleaning & wrapping of a dirty unit.

Amazing work Lyseo S&P

HARDER Logistics – “Hands on” at the Ulm Museum

HARDER logistics supports the move.

Due to upcoming renovation and reconstruction measures, a large part of the Museum Ulm has to be cleared. HARDER logistics is once again actively supporting the museum with its logistics expertise. The team is transporting some of the collection items and particularly large-format works of art and preparing them for interim storage in the central art depot.

Perfect job Harder Logistics

Relopack Invitation – LogInPack International Congress for the Logistics and Packaging Industry

Our member Relopack is pleased to invite you to the LogInPack International Congress for the Logistics and Packaging Industry.

The LogInPack Conference will be an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts , exchange experiences with other professionals and meet industry experts. Not only will you expand your knowledge, but you will also receive inspiration to take on new challenges and develop your companies.

Sign up today for the LogInPack conference and join a unique community of leaders who are creating the future of industrial packaging and logistics.

The conference is co-organised by Relopack.

For more information on the conference :  https://www.targikielce.pl/en/loginpack

Or please contact directly : Krzystzof Maludy – k.maludy@relopack.com


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From the first days of May a D&P Projects team is working on a big Project in Motor Oil, the biggest refineries of Greece.

In the Shutdown of the refineries, D&P Projects dismantle and install new exchangers and air Coolers.

With the help of Cranes and with careful actions that are necessary especially in refineries, D&P Projects succeed to complete all the Project many days before the deadline.

7 Worldwide Logistics Power Plant Project Bangladesh

Already in September 2022 the 7WL Project Team has started the operations for the transport of a 150 MW power plant to Bangladesh on behalf of their customer MAN Energy Solutions.

The “heart” of the power plant will be 9 × MAN 18V48/60 TS engines which will finally produce reliable energy end 2023 in Sreepur – located in the north of Dhaka.

The complete logistic operations took around 6 months with constant cargo flow of 40’ Flats / 40’OT OT and HC Container from many different places in the world like Finland, India, China, Greece, Spain and Northern Europe.

The highlight of the project has been – without any doubts – a part charter with 2 separate loading ports in Europe ending by direct discharging into consignees barges in Mongla.

ex Saint Nazaire, France

9 Engines / each 1300x490x650 / each 320 tons9 TCA / each 520x360x360 / each 32 tons

ex Bilbao, Spain

9 Alternators / each 645 x 384 x 406 / each 71 tons

Watch the full video HERE

KGE Global Logistics – Bogies from India to Kazakhstan

KGE Global Logistics - Bogies from India to Kazakhstan

KGE was nominated to transport 3 x Bogies from Kurali, India to Nur sultan Kazakhstan via multimodal mode of transport.

3 PCS of OOG cargo moved on 1 x 40’FR and 1 x Wagon. Dimensions of Bogie: 4.70 x 2.97 x 2.16 M Weight 9675KG.
This shipment is moved from Kurali on a flatbed to Mundra port and via Sea till Georgia, there it was loaded onto Wagon to final destination in Kazakhstan.

Their highly trained staff did survey in India and also in Georgia after loading and provided to the client along with complete daily tracking which result to a satisfactory feedback from their customer.

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