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Relopack Invitation – IN-PACK EXPO and LoginPack conference

Our member Relopack is pleased to invite you to the IN-PACK EXPO and LoginPack conference.

This year, they will make every effort to add an additional dimension to their meeting, integrating topics close to their hearts – machinery relocation, transport, and the crucial aspect of securing loads in industrial export packaging – all subjects they discuss during their meetings. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain new knowledge and strengthen business relationships!

Sign up today for the event.

The conference is co-organised by Relopack.

For more information on the conference :  https://www.targikielce.pl/en/in-pack

Or please contact directly : Krzystzof Maludy – k.maludy@relopack.com

Relopack Invitation – LogInPack International Congress for the Logistics and Packaging Industry

Our member Relopack is pleased to invite you to the LogInPack International Congress for the Logistics and Packaging Industry.

The LogInPack Conference will be an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts , exchange experiences with other professionals and meet industry experts. Not only will you expand your knowledge, but you will also receive inspiration to take on new challenges and develop your companies.

Sign up today for the LogInPack conference and join a unique community of leaders who are creating the future of industrial packaging and logistics.

The conference is co-organised by Relopack.

For more information on the conference :  https://www.targikielce.pl/en/loginpack

Or please contact directly : Krzystzof Maludy – k.maludy@relopack.com

What’s new at Relopack?

Whats new at Relopack

Relopack, the company specialising in export packing, is not slowing down and is consistently developing its machine relocation department..

Since the beginning of the year, either alone or in cooperation with proven and trusted partners, they have managed to complete several interesting and successful projects in Europe.

In 2023, Relopack mechanical teams were already working for the:

  • Paper industry in Sweden
  • Automotive industry In France
  • Waste sorting industry in Belgium and Germany
  • Petrochemical industry in Switzerland
  • Heavy warehousing industry in Austria

That is why Relopack is one of the best company for export packing and mechanical works when dismantling old machines or installing new ones.

Another wonderful year with Relopack

Thank you GIRN Relopack

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

Relopack – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality partnerships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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Member Update from Relopack

Relopack new Merger


We start the day with a great Member update.

Meet DPL Chemnitz (Duisport Group), co-owners of Relopack Sp. z o.o. – GIRNetwork Members🤝

The Duisport Group combines a powerful infrastructure with comprehensive logistics know-how and offers customers from all over the world a wide range of products, including packaging logistics, rail freight, project logistics, consultancy and building management.

They are the operator and owner of Europe’s largest land port operating as a three-modal logistics hub, and by connecting water, rail and road carriers it handles 4.3 million TEU annually.

Duisport, together with partners from various areas of industry, has created a “startport” innovation platform. Its mission is to develop the logistics solutions of tomorrow. In the face of economic turmoil and the increasingly rapidly changing business reality, not only agility is important, but also comprehensiveness and range of operations.

Read more:

DPL Chemnitz : https://www.linkedin.com/company/duisport-packing-logistics/

Duisport Group : https://www.linkedin.com/company/duisport/

Together Relopack and DPL Chemnitz, they will be able to offer their clients not only the global range of logistics services provided, but also access to the most modern digital tools to improve the implementation of joint projects.

“Together we can do more!“

Congratulations on your wonderful merger Relopack. 💯

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Project Update from Relopack

📢 Project Update from our Member Relopack

Such an excellent teamwork that Relopack had with to do a tough job by heat-shrink filming huge cargos.


#PackingCentreGdynia – Relopack had a welding line for shipment – or rather the very heart of the line – i.e. welding robots.

Cargo intended for shipment by sea. Due to the large size, 4 pieces of flat rack 40′ have been prepared.

The largest elements had dimensions of about 6×2.4×2.4 meters and a weight of less than 5,000 kg.

Two teams worked on the task – one from securing the load against external conditions with heat-shrinkable film, the other secured the load on flat racks. As the cargo tightly filled the containers, the teams worked almost simultaneously.

The task has been completed!

Heat shrink film protects against weather conditions such as wind or moisture, corrosion, dirt, UV rays and chemicals. It is distinguished by excellent mechanical resistance and perfectly adapts to the shape of the protected object.

If you want to know more about it, Relopack Team will be happy to answer your questions!

The teams know their job and executed it perfectly.

Good teamwork👏👏

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Member Update from Relopack

Relopack app

🔝Talking about exports and cargo securing.

Relopack solutions is always a good answer. 

They just started something new to make everything more better and safer.


📦 With SetApp, an Software & Apps producer, they are developing a specific cargo securing project.

📦“ Relopack is on its way to preparing a business model for our cargo securing app. Together with Setapp, we have been working on this idea for some time already. The primary purpose of this app is to make a cargo securing report and certification, which will confirm that everything is secured correctly in CTU. ” – Marcin Królski, Relopack.

📦 Recently they start a crucial phase – commercialization. What does it mean exactly? The workshops included analyzing the user flow of this application and discussing further increments and plans on how to commercialize this application for European end-users. What will be the next steps? Keep your fingers on the pulse to learn.

Keep on going Relopack. 🙌 🙌

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