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Member Update from Relopack

Relopack app

🔝Talking about exports and cargo securing.

Relopack solutions is always a good answer. 

They just started something new to make everything more better and safer.


📦 With SetApp, an Software & Apps producer, they are developing a specific cargo securing project.

📦“ Relopack is on its way to preparing a business model for our cargo securing app. Together with Setapp, we have been working on this idea for some time already. The primary purpose of this app is to make a cargo securing report and certification, which will confirm that everything is secured correctly in CTU. ” – Marcin Królski, Relopack.

📦 Recently they start a crucial phase – commercialization. What does it mean exactly? The workshops included analyzing the user flow of this application and discussing further increments and plans on how to commercialize this application for European end-users. What will be the next steps? Keep your fingers on the pulse to learn.

Keep on going Relopack. 🙌 🙌

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New Innovation: Opened Container Hall digital access 24/7


We are more than proud to share with you today a new innovation from our member HARDER Logistics.
(We had the pleasure to be attending the opening and still simply impressed).

To implement innovative ideas and thus open up new business fields – The words that describe Harder’s new “baby”.

Trend-setting investment: Harder Logistics consciously focuses on reducing space consumption

The new container hall, opened by Harder Logistics on Friday (24.06.2022), has another innovation in addition to full digitalisation. Customers can have the storage containers made available 24/7 without the intervention of an employee. They initiate the process digitally themselves via a slot booking in the web portal.

Customers can access their storage containers 24/7 by digitally booking a slot for provisioning. The container is then brought to the transfer point fully automatically via an overhead crane at the desired time.

The high-tech facility can hold up to 250 containers on an area of 950 m². This means that just 10 per cent of the previous space is used for the boxes.


Automated container storage halls in themselves are something special in Germany. Last Friday, Harder Logistics opened such a property at its new location in Neu-Ulm, which has another innovative unique selling point. Users can initiate the storage and retrieval process digitally themselves and are thus independent of opening hours or personnel capacities.

Special security mechanisms implemented

The hall, which is about 19 m high, is designed for laser-controlled stacking of up to 250 containers on six levels via an automated gantry bridge crane. The process takes about 20 to 30 minutes until selected boxes are at the transfer point. Basically, there are two transfer stations in the hall, so that two customers can be served at the same time. Due to the fully automated provision, special safety mechanisms take effect compared to conventional construction methods.

For more information click here: https://www.harder-logistics.com/eroeffnung-containerhalle

Impressive, congratulations on a major development Harder Logistics. 👏 👏

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