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Project Update from Relopack

📢 Project Update from our Member Relopack

Such an excellent teamwork that Relopack had with to do a tough job by heat-shrink filming huge cargos.


#PackingCentreGdynia – Relopack had a welding line for shipment – or rather the very heart of the line – i.e. welding robots.

Cargo intended for shipment by sea. Due to the large size, 4 pieces of flat rack 40′ have been prepared.

The largest elements had dimensions of about 6×2.4×2.4 meters and a weight of less than 5,000 kg.

Two teams worked on the task – one from securing the load against external conditions with heat-shrinkable film, the other secured the load on flat racks. As the cargo tightly filled the containers, the teams worked almost simultaneously.

The task has been completed!

Heat shrink film protects against weather conditions such as wind or moisture, corrosion, dirt, UV rays and chemicals. It is distinguished by excellent mechanical resistance and perfectly adapts to the shape of the protected object.

If you want to know more about it, Relopack Team will be happy to answer your questions!

The teams know their job and executed it perfectly.

Good teamwork👏👏

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