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Member Update from Relopack


We start the day with a great Member update.

Meet DPL Chemnitz (Duisport Group), co-owners of Relopack Sp. z o.o. – GIRNetwork Members🤝

The Duisport Group combines a powerful infrastructure with comprehensive logistics know-how and offers customers from all over the world a wide range of products, including packaging logistics, rail freight, project logistics, consultancy and building management.

They are the operator and owner of Europe’s largest land port operating as a three-modal logistics hub, and by connecting water, rail and road carriers it handles 4.3 million TEU annually.

Duisport, together with partners from various areas of industry, has created a “startport” innovation platform. Its mission is to develop the logistics solutions of tomorrow. In the face of economic turmoil and the increasingly rapidly changing business reality, not only agility is important, but also comprehensiveness and range of operations.

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DPL Chemnitz :

Duisport Group :

Together Relopack and DPL Chemnitz, they will be able to offer their clients not only the global range of logistics services provided, but also access to the most modern digital tools to improve the implementation of joint projects.

“Together we can do more!“

Congratulations on your wonderful merger Relopack. 💯

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