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Lyseo S&P News – Factory relocation from France to India

These past 2 month have been busy for Lyseo S&P Teams. They’ve just finalized shipment for a factory relocation from France to India.

Started at the end of 2022, their team finalized the shipment in April of 2023

This relocation was handled via successive shipments

  • 15 x 40’OT in Gauge
  • 1 x 20’Flat OOG
  • 2 x 40’Flat OOG
  • 2 BBK successive Shipment
  • 1st shipment of 2 units for a total of 95 tons
  • 2nd shipment of a third unit weighting 53 tons

Amongst the management of truckers, warehouses & carriers, their team also handled the purchase & installation of tarpaulins for all BBK units as well as the cleaning & wrapping of a dirty unit.

Amazing work Lyseo S&P