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Project Update from VPL

6 x Power Generation Units, 124 Tons

📢 Project Update from our Partner Viking Project Logistics.

Viking Project Logistics welcoming autumn with two huge 124 tonned cargo. With two Antonov AN 124 cargo aircraft landed in Istanbul from Baltimore. This was completed succesfully of course in 4 days.


Viking Project Logistics bid farewell to summer with two AN-124 cargo aircraft landed in İstanbul (flew from Baltimore to İstanbul.)

The happiness of successfully completing 2 x AN-124 cargo aircraft and ground handling operations and transit customs procedures in 4 days is the reward of the care they show to their projects.

Cargo : 6 x Power Generation Units, 124 Tons

Great job again VPL 🙌🙌

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Another wonderful year with VPL

Thank you GIRN(1

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

VPL – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality partnerships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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Project Update from VPL


📢 Project Update from our Partner Viking Project Logistics.

The Viking Project Logistics delivered an extra heavy piece to receivers facility just in time as always. The team’s profil is very versatile.


They have arranged the unloading organisation and port operation. Then they delivered the 4xheavy piece to receiver’s facility according to the schedule.

Below services has arranged by Viking Project Logistics:
♦️Road permit
♦️Road protocol application
♦️Traffic sign, road arrangement application
♦️Port operation
♦️Cargo survey
♦️Transportation of the cargoes

126.7 ton – L 9.53 MT x W 5.43 MT x H 3.87 MT

124.9 ton – L 8.75 MT x W 5.558 MT x H 3.56 MT

113.3 ton – L 8.64 MT x W 4.62 MT x H 2.97 MT

If you prefer to work with #Viking, You just need to focus on your future projects.

Excellent work from VPL. 👍

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Update from Viking Project Logistics ✔︎

Project update Viking to Veracruz

Awesome Project update from our partner: Viking Project Logistics 👏

Under the organization by Vikings overseas representative office, the port work was successfully completed, and the construction machinery was loaded into the port and shipped to Veracruz.

For any logistics inquiry, please contact Mr. Erkan KAZAR

Amazing job once again, Viking Project Logistics Team!

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New Partner from Turkey: Viking Project Logistics

Welcome on board Viking Project Logistics!

As Phill Jackson once said “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” That is why we are constantly growing and today we present you a new logistic partner form Turkey Viking Project Logistics!

With the well-experienced staff at oversized, heavy weight and RoRo transportation, Viking Project Logistics is chartering and freight forwarding company that provides service to customers who mostly operate within construction businesses and industry projects. Even though their best regions are Middle East, Africa, CIS and Far East countries, thanks to their wide agent network they are able to provide services to nearly each destination in the world. In the form of port to port and door to door with sea, rail, land and airways. Welcome on board Viking Project Logistics!

Viking Project Logistics mostly operate within following areas:

Project logistics

Crane renting services and cargo lashing and unlashing


Overweight and oversize transportation

If you have any questions feel free to reach Mert Köksalan and Erkan KAZAR!

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