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Samoco – Relocation of National Heritage – Acient Wooden ‘Walen’ Boat Céphée

Samoco had just relocated and fixed a National Heritage. The Ancient wooden Walen boat was moved and restored at the Antwerp site. As both in and outside the ship is fixed and relocated to it’s new place.


Start Location: Antwerp – Jordaens Quay nearby ‘Het Steen’

Destination: Antwerp – Dry Docks Site

Weight Boat: 50 ton

Weight Framework (inside and outside structure): 40 ton

Weight Total Transport (incl. SPMT): 140 ton

Size: Length 39m x Width 5m x Height 4m


To fix the wooden ship from out- & inside, as it was in a very bad condition, they have built up an internal and external construction that protects the ship against collapsing or unfolding. Samoco used wooden shores to reinforce and support the inside of the ship and a special engineered steel supporting frame was built on the outside of the ship, because they could not transport the ship without it.

In order to make the necessary preparations and to get everything safely in place, Samoco also used a telehandler, an aerial work platform, a crane truck, a truck, a mini crane and rigging material. To lift the supporting frame with the ship in it for transport, they used a multiple cube jacking system.

Once the steel structure with ship was high enough, their SPMT could easily pick up the steel structure with the ship and the jacking systems were removed.


Preparation 3 weeks (for steel welding, drilling, coating and pre-construction)

2 weeks – delivery and construction of reinforcements on outside and inside boat

1 week for jacking up, transport, jacking down and clean-up work areas.

Samoco did an excellent job to the ship.

Project Update from Samoco

Samoco changed an old acid tank

🔝 Samoco executed perfectly a task at Basf, Antwerp site.

They lifted, and changed an old acid tank with a huge 500t crane. The task was completed in time and they made an astonishing work.


Basf, Antwerp, on this site Samoco changed an old acid tank by order of Eurochem and Basf. The old tank was lifted out using a 500T crane, the new tank arrived by ship where it was unloaded using the 250T crane and transported by truck to its new location where it was placed using the 700T crane. With only a 3cm clearance between the existing structure and the new tank.

Well done Samoco. 👏 👏

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Project Update from Samoco

Global Relocation Network - Installing Samoco machine

🔝 Samoco at it’s best. It has recently completed the installation of an impressive 76 tonne machine frame for customer Framo in Norway.

Working with their colleagues at Sarens, they used Overhead Cranes, a Gantry, and SPMTs to complete the job.

Nothing can stop them 👏 👏

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Project Update from Samoco

Samoco installed a new bending machine

💯 Samoco’s fleet was did a great job again at Vlassenroot group where they installed a new bending machine.

Their Enerpac SBL500 Gantry was supported by 2 pick-and-carry Cranes and an SPMT!

Samoco is always giving the best. 🙌 🙌

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Case Study from Samoco

Samoco challenging lift

🔝Look at this electric crane how lightly lifts this outdated press like a feather.


They captured this impressive shot during a recent project for CNH Industrial. Their 60T Ormig #FullyElectric #Crane executed the challenging lift of an obsolete press from the client #Antwerp facility.

Well done Samoco Team 💯

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