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1st GIRN Annual Meeting – Event Announcement

Come and join us in our 1st Annual Meeting that will be held in Vienna, Austria, from May 8 -10, 2022.

During this event, we will be staying at STEIGENBERGER Hotel: Experience a unique philosophy of hospitality – interpreted individually over fifty times. Whether it’s in a historic building steeped in tradition or a modern designer hotel, whether it’s in the heart of a fascinating city or surrounded by idyllic countryside – you can look forward to a very special sense of wellbeing in the establishments of the Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts.

Meet up with fellow members and partners of GIRN to discuss business opportunities through One2one meeting and dinner. Please note that this is an exclusive event only for members and partners of GIRN.

Save the date and don’t miss this opportunity!

Should you have any further question, feel free to contact us via

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you in Vienna.

Your GIRN Team

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New Member from Bulgaria – Energomontage Engineering AD

We are proud to announce that we continue to expand our network with the recent arrival of new member from Bulgaria, a warm welcome to Energomontage Engineering AD!

Energomontage Engineering AD is a private joint stock company, founded in 2000 with the main activity of construction and maintenance of all kinds of industrial installations, structures, including pipelines, industrial and energy sites. They are experienced in the installation of product equipment, cranes and crane structures, as well as heavy and oversized loads.

The activity of the company is focused mainly on sites on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. They provide installation/dismantling services and relocation of individual machines, production lines or entire productions on the territory of Bulgaria or abroad.

Welcome to GIRN, Energomontage Engineering AD!

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Montron GmbH – New Member from Austria

We are proud to inform you that Montron GmbH has joined GIRN as member from Austria.

Montron has 140 highly technically trained employees that can provide you with optimum support in a wide range of areas. For 27 years of work, the company has developed into a market leader in our sector in Austria such as, Advertising assembly, Machinery assembly and Heavy industry assembly.

The company has its headquarter in Vienna and has 51 assembly vehicles, allowing the team to operate flexibly throughout Europe. The project engineers are at your disposal for the planning and logistics of your project. All assembly work is carried out in accordance with TÜV guidelines SCC** and SCP.

With the slogan “there are no problems, only solutions in working clothes”, the team is ready to handle tasks, no matter how challenging it may be.

Main services:

  • Assembly
  • Engineering Services
  • Machine Moving
  • Planning and Project Management
  • Dismantling
  • Heavy Lift
  • Installation

Welcome to GIRN, Montron!

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Project Update from Viking Project Logistics

Viking completed the delivery of a new OOG shipment.

The cranes were delivered to Gemlik Port from Genoa and Viking has completed its customs clearance and delivered them to the job site in Erdemir, Zonguldak.


2 CRANES RTE530E – 25900 KG per crane

Lenght: 12,5 mtr.

Width: 2,63 mtr.

Height: 3,44 mtr.

For any logistics inquiry, please contact Mr. Erkan Kazar –

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KLOSE Industrial Service – New Member from Malaysia

We are pleased to announce that KLOSE Industrial Service has joined GIRN as member from Malaysia.

KLOSE Industrial Service is one of the leading companies in factory relocation, machinery assembly and field service outsourcing in Southeast Asia. With a high technical expertise, KLOSE offers the full range of services from hook-down to (re)commissioning and supports machinery throughout their life cycle.

Handling complex and challenging projects with an innovative and profound approach has earned KLOSE a high reputation in SEA. Quality and Safety are the top priorities for them as they aspire to provide best-in-class services. They quote at fair prices and deliver on time. Every time.

KLOSE Industrial Service Sdn Bhd is major division of the German KLOSE Group and is overseeing the operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and other markets in the region whilst maintain the over 85 years of tradition to deliver the best quality Made in Germany.

Welcome to GIRN, KLOSE Industrial Service!

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Rabotec Group – New Member from Ghana

We are glad to inform you: Rabotec Group has joined GIRN as a member from Ghana!

Rabotec Ghana Limited is a group of companies devoted to lasting success in Mining Services, Engineering, Construction and Transport. As well as being one of Africa’s best in the provision of the services aforementioned, the group provides financial services to individuals and groups.

The company delivers sustainable solutions for maximum customer productivity through innovative products and services. Since its founding in 2002, Rabotec has established a reputation for excellence in services relating to mining, engineering, construction, transport and Financial Services.

Rabotec has a reliable team of skilled engineers, craftsmen and artisans from within the local market. In addition, they maintain contacts and working relationships with several highly experienced independent contractors from South Africa, USA/Canada and UK.

Welcome to GIRN, Rabotec Group!

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Harder Logistics – New Member from Germany

We are pleased to announce that Harder Logistics has joined GIRN as a member from Germany.

As a logistics and system supplier, they set themselves as a long-term and skilled partner to industry and trade. Complete business relocations in particular, as well as installation and dismantling of complex equipment, are an integral part of companies’ continual adaptation processes in a dynamic and ever more flexible business world. Harder Logistics specialise in complex projects in the sectors of business relocations and plant logistics.

Scope of services:

  • Business relocation general
  • Industrial relocation
  • Hightech – Transport
  • Property removals
  • Warehouse
  • Factory Clean-up
  • Private removals

Welcome to GIRN, Harder Logistics!

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Top 5 Manufacturing Trends for 2022

2022 Machinery Assembly

Today’s manufacturing industry has been facing quite a few challenges and growth in the last few years. Demands are increasing and the manufacturing industry is struggling to keep up with the growth. At the same time, technology has also been significantly growing and more advanced to level the current situation. Access to data plays a central role these days to give a better sight of what to do next.

As we approach 2022 in just a few days, now it’s the best time to get a glimpse of what 2022 has to offer in manufacturing industry, and here are our top 5 picks:

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

With the  advancement of technology, AI and Automation will stay as the most important aspect for companies that want to game up their business. Some trends according to research from Gartner are; Hyperautomation, Autonomic Technology and Generative Design.


Cybersecurity has been underrated in the last few years. But with the rise of cyberattacks, cybersecurity will be a significant aspect for every company to protect their data.

3D Printing

As an example automation process, 3D printing is slowly replacing traditional labor-intensive fabrication processes. 3D printers allow us to produce complex objects by adding material such as metals and plastics at low cost.

Big Data and Data Analytics

The amount of digital data is quite immense, especially if you are planning to implement a smart factory for your business. Data is such a valuable asset these days, as most companies are making decisions based on data to achieve their goals. The challenge is in how to convert these data into an actionable step. Therefore, Data Analytics will be needed more than ever in the following years


A strong and expansive network gives you a new opportunity and also will keep you updated into trends. A reliable partner is very important in order to run the project smoothly. A networking platform will provide you a selection of quality partners, depending on where your project will take place.

As the only network for relocation companies in the world, GIRN offers members and partners in the network a complete network solution for every relocation project, no matter where the project takes place. Learn more via our website:

The trends in the manufacturing industry for 2022 will be most likely going towards Automation, Data Analytics and Security. Despite all the challenges, the growth is still going to continue, all while the industry keeps adapting to the situation and joining forces together.

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash

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Smart Factory – Digital Technology to Accelerate your Business and to Bring Efficiencies

Machinery Assembly

The term “Digital Technology” has been used so often nowadays, that sometimes it’s becoming too common and it has lost its meaning because the term is too broad. But one thing for sure, that digital technology implementation will give competitive advantage for your businesses, no matter what sectors you are in. Smart Factory, as one of the trend words in the industrial sector, has been considered as one of the biggest things in recent years and will only grow in the future, especially in current times, where production and supply chain are facing big challenges.

According to Gartner, smart factory is a concept used to describe the implementation of different combinations of modern technologies to create a hyper-flexible, self-adapting manufacturing capability. It is an opportunity to create new forms of efficiency and flexibility by connecting different processes, information flows and stakeholders. So, Smart Factory doesn’t mean applying one software to the entire factory. Some important terms to know are:

Industrial IoT (IIoT)

The Industrial Internet of Things is a concept of connecting machines and data management in Smart Factory, to reach improvements in productivity and quality.


Sensors help to collect data at every stage of the manufacturing process, providing real time visibility into the whole process in the factory. Sensors are usually attached to devices and machines.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing will help to store, process, and share data with flexibility at a lower cost. Devices and machines that are connected will be able to quickly upload large amounts of data that can be viewed in real-time.

Big Data

All the data from every device and machine will be collected and will be analyzed to give a clearer visibility. This will help decision makers to see opportunities for improvement in many aspects.

By continuously improving the performance, businesses can benefit a lot by adapting the concept of smart factory, from boosting efficiency and productivity, to improving product quality.

Photo by Lalit Kumar on Unsplash

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Virtual and Hybrid Events: Trends for 2022

In the past two years, events have been evolving to match the current situation. All businesses are forced to adapt and implement what is still possible to reach the target audience. According to new research from LinkedIn (interview with more than 1,800 marketers from 13 countries) 85% of these had held virtual events from the last year alone. The virtual event will most likely continue to grow its trends, but 78% of these said that in-person events will return once the situation changes.

Other study from markletic shows that around a third of event organizers say they are expecting to invest in hybrid events for the near future. Most of the larger companies will more likely host hybrid events where in-person content with virtual content are combined. The software for such events will be also in demand and will grow within the next few years. Some of the benefits of hybrid events are: it allows your company to maximize revenue through cutting back on travel budget and also boost attendance numbers.

As a network of professionals for factory relocation, GIRN has done some virtual events to connect members and partners throughout the world and also introduce our networks to potential members and partners. We strongly believe that an in-person event is the best way for networking, therefore an Annual Meeting is already on our agenda, should the situation allow it. By combining virtual and in-person events, we will continue to facilitate our members and partners to be connected and grow business together.

Photo by Headway on Unsplash

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