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Top 5 Manufacturing Trends for 2022

Today’s manufacturing industry has been facing quite a few challenges and growth in the last few years. Demands are increasing and the manufacturing industry is struggling to keep up with the growth. At the same time, technology has also been significantly growing and more advanced to level the current situation. Access to data plays a central role these days to give a better sight of what to do next.

As we approach 2022 in just a few days, now it’s the best time to get a glimpse of what 2022 has to offer in manufacturing industry, and here are our top 5 picks:

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

With the  advancement of technology, AI and Automation will stay as the most important aspect for companies that want to game up their business. Some trends according to research from Gartner are; Hyperautomation, Autonomic Technology and Generative Design.


Cybersecurity has been underrated in the last few years. But with the rise of cyberattacks, cybersecurity will be a significant aspect for every company to protect their data.

3D Printing

As an example automation process, 3D printing is slowly replacing traditional labor-intensive fabrication processes. 3D printers allow us to produce complex objects by adding material such as metals and plastics at low cost.

Big Data and Data Analytics

The amount of digital data is quite immense, especially if you are planning to implement a smart factory for your business. Data is such a valuable asset these days, as most companies are making decisions based on data to achieve their goals. The challenge is in how to convert these data into an actionable step. Therefore, Data Analytics will be needed more than ever in the following years


A strong and expansive network gives you a new opportunity and also will keep you updated into trends. A reliable partner is very important in order to run the project smoothly. A networking platform will provide you a selection of quality partners, depending on where your project will take place.

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The trends in the manufacturing industry for 2022 will be most likely going towards Automation, Data Analytics and Security. Despite all the challenges, the growth is still going to continue, all while the industry keeps adapting to the situation and joining forces together.

Photo by Artturi Jalli on Unsplash

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