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Project Update – SDEM Erectors Nigeria Limited

GIRN SDEM Erectors Nigeria Limited Synopsis of the 50MW Notore Power Plant

Read more about SDEMβ€˜s last year projects – 50MW Notore Power Plant.


SDEM Erectors Nigeria Limited was engaged to handle the Material Reception; – Offloading & Stacking, Mechanical and Electrical Installation of the GTG and BOPs, Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities including minor procurements.


The LM 2500 Gas Turbine & Generator has 2 Units bought from UAE.


SDEM Erectors received the Materials and stacked appropriately taking cognizance of installation requirements and order of erections. Material Reception and Offloading were adjacent the engine floor/room

INSTALLATION – Gas Turbine Generator

SDEM skidded the Gas Turbine Generator onto the foundation after confirming the anchor bolts arrangement and positions ensure that the corresponding Easting & Northing are accurate, Precision shimming for the Turbine alignment was carefully done after the installation of the refurbished Turbine.     


The Compressor, Hydraulic & Lube oil skid as well as other BOPs were Positioned as well as other auxiliaries.


SDEM Erectors Nigeria Ltd personnel carried out the Electrical installations (cable routing and laying, termination and testing) and executed the instrumentation and equipment calibrations. SDEM experienced services engineers also performed several equipment pre-commissioning and supported the commissioning.

Great job SDEM Erectors Nigeria Limited

Project Update from SDEM

sdem re-assembly

πŸ“’PROJECT UPDATE from our Member SDEM Erectors Nigeria.

Two huge Gas Fired Turbine Power Plant from Rak Dubai to Notore Chemical and industries Ltd Onne, Africa.

This mentionable project is from SDEM Erectors Nigeria, keep on going the good work. πŸ’―

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Another wonderful year with SDEM

Moving Factory - GIRN | SDEM

πŸ””And more good news for the GIRN family.

SDEM – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality memberships, close cooperation and mutual networking – thatΒ΄s GIRN. 🀝

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