Sharma Fabricators and Erectors: New Member from India

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Today we would like to present you the high-quality company form #India.

Please welcome new GIRN member: Sharma Fabricators and Erectors!

They started their journey in 1954. That was the age when construction work used to be carried out manually – at least in India. Time advanced, technics changed, new technology arrived in the construction field also- bringing sophisticated instruments and equipment for more perfection, less hazard, β€˜Safety & Quality First’ conception and quicker completion. Sharma Fabricators and Erectors, never shied away from this modern trend and continuously absorbed new concepts, technics, instruments, equipment, safety gadgets with time to time training for its workforce, supported by qualified, experienced, updated and dedicated team of Engineers and Supervisors.

We are honored Vinod SharmaSaurabh DubeySharad Dubey!