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Project Update from Klose

Klose installed beauties

📢Project Update from our Member Klose Industrial Service

Team Klose did an awesome work with these installed beauties. Everything for their customers.

They are making progress well. 👌

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Project Update from Samoco Group

Injection Molding Machine

📢Project Update from our Member Samoco

That’s what we call a good teamwork. Samoco replaced two large Injection Molding Machine with their clients helpful cooperation.

This work speaks for itself.

Great job Samoco Team 👏

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Member Update from Relopack

Relopack app

🔝Talking about exports and cargo securing.

Relopack solutions is always a good answer. 

They just started something new to make everything more better and safer.


📦 With SetApp, an Software & Apps producer, they are developing a specific cargo securing project.

📦“ Relopack is on its way to preparing a business model for our cargo securing app. Together with Setapp, we have been working on this idea for some time already. The primary purpose of this app is to make a cargo securing report and certification, which will confirm that everything is secured correctly in CTU. ” – Marcin Królski, Relopack.

📦 Recently they start a crucial phase – commercialization. What does it mean exactly? The workshops included analyzing the user flow of this application and discussing further increments and plans on how to commercialize this application for European end-users. What will be the next steps? Keep your fingers on the pulse to learn.

Keep on going Relopack. 🙌 🙌

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Project Update from Bauberger AG

bauberger 12t

📢Project Update from our Member BAUBERGER AG

Bauberger has no limits.

They lifted a 12 tonned machine on to a building. With their heavy-duty moving skates they csn easily delivered the machine remote controlled with millimeter precision.

Right next to the airport in Birrfeld (AG), Bauberger Team moved a 12t machine at SUHNER Schweiz AG to a new building and unloaded and brought a second one into the production hall.
The existing machine had to be lifted from plant 2 through the roof hatch, positioned on their truck and moved to the main plant. At the new location, they moved the 12t machine directly from the bridge of the truck via the lifting platform onto the ramp and through the entrance gate into the new production halls. Thanks to their electric heavy-duty moving skates, they were able to move the machine remote controlled and with millimeter precision through the entrance gate to the new location. Finally, they positioned the machine on the machine feet in the trough and pre-levelled it.

🏗Special tools
·       Truck
·       Beams and steel plates
·       Forklift truck 5t
·       Electric 15t heavy-duty moving skates

👀Watch on YouTube:

🔝Not even the sky can stop these guys.

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New Innovation: Opened Container Hall digital access 24/7


We are more than proud to share with you today a new innovation from our member HARDER Logistics.
(We had the pleasure to be attending the opening and still simply impressed).

To implement innovative ideas and thus open up new business fields – The words that describe Harder’s new “baby”.

Trend-setting investment: Harder Logistics consciously focuses on reducing space consumption

The new container hall, opened by Harder Logistics on Friday (24.06.2022), has another innovation in addition to full digitalisation. Customers can have the storage containers made available 24/7 without the intervention of an employee. They initiate the process digitally themselves via a slot booking in the web portal.

Customers can access their storage containers 24/7 by digitally booking a slot for provisioning. The container is then brought to the transfer point fully automatically via an overhead crane at the desired time.

The high-tech facility can hold up to 250 containers on an area of 950 m². This means that just 10 per cent of the previous space is used for the boxes.


Automated container storage halls in themselves are something special in Germany. Last Friday, Harder Logistics opened such a property at its new location in Neu-Ulm, which has another innovative unique selling point. Users can initiate the storage and retrieval process digitally themselves and are thus independent of opening hours or personnel capacities.

Special security mechanisms implemented

The hall, which is about 19 m high, is designed for laser-controlled stacking of up to 250 containers on six levels via an automated gantry bridge crane. The process takes about 20 to 30 minutes until selected boxes are at the transfer point. Basically, there are two transfer stations in the hall, so that two customers can be served at the same time. Due to the fully automated provision, special safety mechanisms take effect compared to conventional construction methods.

For more information click here:

Impressive, congratulations on a major development Harder Logistics. 👏 👏

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Project Update from Hess GmbH

hess bobst sp

🔝Project Update from our Member Hess GmbH.

The Hess GmbH gave top effort to take this huge Bobst Sp 142-CER in to it’s place.

Such a perfect work Hess GmbH. 👏 👏

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Case Study from EAH

eah case study dlap1500

📢 Project Update from our Member Europe Automotive Holding a.s.

A regular workday from EAH such as the day when they delivered the DLAP 1500 press and fully dismantle it and then relocated to it’s final new place. They have succesfully delivered for The Simpac company which is one of the greatest press-manufacturer company in South-Korea.


EAH Team successfully completed this move for SIMPAC, a Korean company that is a market leader in the South Korean forming technology sector and one of the world’s leading press manufacturers.

How to move a press

Thorough planning is essential before starting any such large-scale operation, which in this particular case took them 7 days. This was a really big project – 7 trucks were needed just to transport the necessary tools. First of all, the entire plant had to be dismantled, which was done by an Enerpac SL400 hydraulic gantry system with a total load capacity of 400 tonnes. This gantry crane with hydraulic side shifts is ideal for lifting machinery and heavy loads in areas with limited handling capacity, such as production halls and the like. In order to move the DLAP 1500 press to its new position, they had to disassemble it into parts weighing between 65 and 165 tonnes and load it onto a COMETTO transport chassis.

Transporting heavy parts requires special equipment

Transporting equipment such as the DLAP 1500 press cannot be done with conventional trucks, so they used a self-propelled SPMT COMETTO ECO 1000 chassis with a load capacity of up to 174 tonnes to transport all the heavy parts, including the massive 165-tonne press crown. They are the only company in the Czech Republic that owns this type of transport equipment. In the meantime, the construction company had already prepared the pit at the destination, into which the press was installed after transport.

The entire transfer of the baler took only ten days, and the subsequent installation at the destination was completed by five specialists within another week. For a project of this magnitude, this is a very short time, which was made possible in particular by the flawless coordination between SIMPAC, theirselves and the construction company that prepared the site for the installation.

No challenge is big enough for them.

After 17 days, the DLAP 1500 press was ready to carry out its demanding tasks at its new location, and they could celebrate another successful job and look forward to the challenges ahead.

A succesful move for EAH.🙌🙌

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PARTNER ALERT: CapEx Equipment Group

capex new partner

We are happy to announce that CapEx Equipment Group has joined GIRN as a partner from Canada covering Canada, USA, and Europe. 🤝

CapEx Equipment is an asset management company that specializes in helping its clients convert unwanted, uneeded, excess, or obsolete assets into capital.  Whether the assets are from a relocation project or part of your day-to-day opertations, CapEx can help with any asset recapitlization project.

With decades of experience, CapEx Equipment uses a vast network of worldwide partners to find the right buyer for your equipment.  Through online auction or private sale, their goal is to get the highest possible price for your assets.  Their clients rely on them to manage the process, because they trust them to get the job done.

Main services:

–             Online Auctions

–             Private Sales

–             Asset Management

–             Appraisals

–             Asset Cataloging

At CapEx Equipment Group the management team plays an active role in leading the team on a day-to-day basis and collaborates with reliable partners – they are fully prepared to successfully complete every project they tackle.

Welcome to GIRN, CapEx Equipment Group.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit CapEx Equipment Group LinkedIn profile and website.

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Project Update from Klose Industrial

klose 1600 tons

📢 Project Update from our member Klose Industrial Service Sdn. Bhd.

Team Klose done a great job with this 1600 tons of total weight with the challenges of time and the Covid19.

Impressive Klose Team. 💯

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1st GIRN Annual Meeting – Photos

GIRN Vienna 08-10

🔎Memories of the first Annual Meeting in photos.

Allow us to share with you one more post from our fantastic first Annual Meeting.

We are delighted to finally have the pictures of a few highlights.

We hope they convey the atmosphere that accompanied the event. The many useful discussions and the time spent in friendly good humour.

🤩A pleasant memory for us will remain the afternoon programme and dinner together on the Vienna Prater.

The much more friendly acquaintanceships made at the event are long-lasting, and we at GIRN reinforce this with all our work.

“Together it’s easier” 🤝

We wish you all a pleasant day.

📍Meet us next year, at a different location.

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