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Project Update from Klose Industrial

📢 Project Update from our member Klose Industrial Service Sdn. Bhd. Team Klose done a great job with this 1600 tons of total weight with the challenges of time and the Covid19. Impressive Klose Team. 💯 #girn #kloseteam #kloseindustrialservice #project #logistics…

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Project Update from VPL

📢 Project Update from our Partner Viking Project Logistics. A heavy task but not for these guys. From Rostov to Volkhov the Viking first discharging and then this 37 pieces in no time. This great work done by Viking Project Logistics…

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Case Study from SaCeMa Nordic

📢 You can see here what are SaCeMa Nordic working on. Details: From somewhere in Sweden. Relocation / Production Line Length: 300 meter Width: 12 meter Height: 18 meter Weight: Abt. 8000 mt To be moved within Europe. Loaded onto about…

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Case Study from Samoco

🔝Look at this electric crane how lightly lifts this outdated press like a feather. Details: They captured this impressive shot during a recent project for CNH Industrial. Their 60T Ormig #FullyElectric #Crane executed the challenging lift of an obsolete press from…

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Case Study from Dextra Group

Dextra® services are used around the world in high-rise buildings, power plants, bridges, and other concrete structures, and have been accredited by major independent regulatory bodies on all continents. Details: One of their references is “The Mahatma Gandhi Setu” (also known…

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Case Study from Max Loads

Max Loads can stand this challenge high above the ground too, lifting huge server house to the top of an airport. For any logistics inquiry, please contact: +40 358 401 139 | +40 740 153 187 | Details: To build…

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