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MEMBER NEWS – EAH – Europe Automotive Holding

GIRN EAH realized the installation of a CANNON press

MEMBER NEWS – EAH – Europe Automotive Holding

In cooperation with Cannon S.p.A. EAH realized an interesting and challenging project in November – the installation of a CANNON press. The project preparation took less than 2 months. Before starting the physical installation, it was necessary to measure everything perfectly, because there was not much space around the press installation.

After the arrival of all the machinery (Valla 250E, ENERPAC SL 400, SPMT Cometto ECO 1000 and Hyster S 7.00), the actual installation of the individual loads weighing up to 57t into the pre-prepared pits could begin. Thanks to the perfect readiness of the customer and the excellent guidance of the supplier of the CANNON baler, everything was managed on time and within 2 weeks the baler was up and running.

Perfect work as always. Well done EAH.

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Case Study from EAH

eah case study dlap1500

πŸ“’ Project Update from our Member Europe Automotive Holding a.s.

A regular workday from EAH such as the day when they delivered the DLAP 1500 press and fully dismantle it and then relocated to it’s final new place. They have succesfully delivered for The Simpac company which is one of the greatest press-manufacturer company in South-Korea.


EAH Team successfully completed this move for SIMPAC, a Korean company that is a market leader in the South Korean forming technology sector and one of the world’s leading press manufacturers.

How to move a press

Thorough planning is essential before starting any such large-scale operation, which in this particular case took them 7 days. This was a really big project – 7 trucks were needed just to transport the necessary tools. First of all, the entire plant had to be dismantled, which was done by an Enerpac SL400 hydraulic gantry system with a total load capacity of 400 tonnes. This gantry crane with hydraulic side shifts is ideal for lifting machinery and heavy loads in areas with limited handling capacity, such as production halls and the like. In order to move the DLAP 1500 press to its new position, they had to disassemble it into parts weighing between 65 and 165 tonnes and load it onto a COMETTO transport chassis.

Transporting heavy parts requires special equipment

Transporting equipment such as the DLAP 1500 press cannot be done with conventional trucks, so they used a self-propelled SPMT COMETTO ECO 1000 chassis with a load capacity of up to 174 tonnes to transport all the heavy parts, including the massive 165-tonne press crown. They are the only company in the Czech Republic that owns this type of transport equipment. In the meantime, the construction company had already prepared the pit at the destination, into which the press was installed after transport.

The entire transfer of the baler took only ten days, and the subsequent installation at the destination was completed by five specialists within another week. For a project of this magnitude, this is a very short time, which was made possible in particular by the flawless coordination between SIMPAC, theirselves and the construction company that prepared the site for the installation.

No challenge is big enough for them.

After 17 days, the DLAP 1500 press was ready to carry out its demanding tasks at its new location, and they could celebrate another successful job and look forward to the challenges ahead.

A succesful move for EAH.πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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Case Study from EAH

Case Study EAH

Hats off for EAH they always bring 100%

For a customer of Europe Automotive Holding, EAH moved a press from Germany to the Czech Republic.

The press had to be dismantled using LiftSystems SC 2080/4160 hydraulic gantry cranes. The press was then loaded onto a truck. In the Czech Republic, the press was rebuilt with the help of the TriLifter TL 100 hall crane. Subsequently, the entire line was completed. πŸ› 

Top effort EAH

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