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Case Study from Bauberger AG

GIRN Bauberger A tram journey - with 66t of auxiliary material 1

BAUBERGER AG just had a challenging and heavy task to place a new underfloor lathe at a tram depot. At the end with a 60 tonnes of auxilary materials were required Bauberger executed the task perfectly safe and sound.


A tram depot is a complex and special building. There are countless rails and electrical overhead lines for the trams and many pits in between to enable maintenance work on the trams. And there is a basement under the entire building.

In order to place the new underfloor lathe with its weight of more than 16 tonnes into its new foundation, all these aspects had to be taken into account in detail during the planning phase. They required some special solutions.

In the end, more than 60 tonnes of auxiliary materials were required to unload the new machine from the delivery truck with two Montys, move it to the pit on special heavy-duty rail vehicles and to place it in its foundation.

Special equipment

4x lifting columns 15t incl. rails, beams

2x Montylift-16

1x forklift 5t

Truck loading crane

Truck-trailer combination

Special heavy duty rail vehicles

Another wonderful year with Bauberger AG

Thank you GIRN Bauberger AG

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

Bauberger AG – in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality partnerships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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Case Study from Bauberger

Bauberger Over 50 truckloads for Swiss cheese

Next to Emmen airport Emmi is building a new cheese production facility.

A 15 meters and 15 tonned was delivered and unloaded with cranes.

🔎 More Details: https://www.bauberger.ch/en/on-the-road-detail/over-50-truckloads-for-swiss-cheese

👀Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDH4SxZJJPw

This task was executed perfectly by BAUBERGER AG.👏👏

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Project Update from Bauberger AG

bauberger 12t

📢Project Update from our Member BAUBERGER AG

Bauberger has no limits.

They lifted a 12 tonned machine on to a building. With their heavy-duty moving skates they csn easily delivered the machine remote controlled with millimeter precision.

Right next to the airport in Birrfeld (AG), Bauberger Team moved a 12t machine at SUHNER Schweiz AG to a new building and unloaded and brought a second one into the production hall.
The existing machine had to be lifted from plant 2 through the roof hatch, positioned on their truck and moved to the main plant. At the new location, they moved the 12t machine directly from the bridge of the truck via the lifting platform onto the ramp and through the entrance gate into the new production halls. Thanks to their electric heavy-duty moving skates, they were able to move the machine remote controlled and with millimeter precision through the entrance gate to the new location. Finally, they positioned the machine on the machine feet in the trough and pre-levelled it.

🏗Special tools
·       Truck
·       Beams and steel plates
·       Forklift truck 5t
·       Electric 15t heavy-duty moving skates

👀Watch on YouTube:

🔝Not even the sky can stop these guys.

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