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Project Update from Wallmann & Co.

Accessory Parts from Wallmann Terminal in Hamburg

📢 Busy days at Wallmann&Co.

Trans-Trading GmbH just had coordinated a FOB shipment of one Turbine, one Condenser, and Accessory parts.

Heading from Hamburg to Surabaya, Indonesia.


POL: Hamburg, Germany

POD: Surabaya, Indonesia

Terminal: Wallmann Terminal

Trans-Trading GmbH recently coordinate a FOB Shipment of one Turbine, one Generator, one Condenser and Accessory Parts from Wallmann Terminal in Hamburg.

Shipment included 121 packages with a total weight of 877.037,6 kgs.

Turbine (8,45 x 5,30 x 4,77 mtr – 157tons), Generator (8,75 x 4,00 x 3,50 mtr – 108.4tons), Condenser (11,32 x 4,96 x 4,75 mtr – 80tons) and various accessory boxes were loaded.

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PARTNER ALERT: Deufol Polska and Wallmann & Co

new partner Deufol Polska and Wallmann

We have more great news!

Our network keeps growing and growing. We are pleased to welcome the companies Deufol Polska and Wallmann & Co – both part of the Deufol Group.

Deufol is a global company with more than 90 subsidiaries on 3 continents. They have more than 2,400 employees worldwide and have been operating in global markets for more than 40 years. They specialize in export packaging of machinery and equipment and the proper protection of goods from moisture, corrosion and mechanical damage. In addition, their specialty is supporting supply chain management and streamlining logistics processes. They have their own IT solutions to support their customers and optimize supply processes. Through their global “HUB Solution” network, they manage the largest logistics projects of many global manufacturers. They have their own port terminals with lifting capacity and warehouses in the most strategic locations.

About Deufol Polska – is the first branch in Poland located in Chwaszczyn. The production facility, together with a constant growing trans-shipment warehouse with excess operating space.

At their facility, they manufacture crates, pallets and transport platforms. They provide reloading and container stowage services, as well as packing and securing goods for shipment.

They have the necessary handling equipment and fleet of vehicles to provide a full range of services to their customers across the country.

Competence, know-how and absolute reliability – with these values Wallmann & Co. has been your partner in the Port of Hamburg for 100 years now. As a high-performance universal terminal, they offer you the entire range of modern logistics solutions for goods handling and storage from a single source. As a member of the international Deufol Group, Wallmann has been the Deufol Seaport Hub in Hamburg since 2021.

Welcome to GIRN, Deufol Polska and Wallmann & Co! 🤝

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