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Video of our 1st Annual Meeting


🤩We are still reeling from the Annual Meeting 1 month ago.

Thank you again for having us in Vienna, this fabulous city. As well as for your active participation in the face-to-face meetings and for your contribution to the complementary programmes with your friendly and good humour.

We are delighted to share our video with you.

The event summed up exactly the positive spirit for which we founded this unique network.

In this profession, as in any other area of life, it´s important to keep the idea of working together in mind.

Together we can achieve more – that´s what we stand for at GIRN. 🤝

Let this video speak for words.

🔜We look forward to meet you again next year.

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Case Study from DEXTRA GROUP

case study dextra

We are glad to announce this work in progress from the Dextra Group who connects Cebu and Mactan islands and thats a huge thing. Keep on Dextra!

Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX), colossal bridge in the Philippines.

Cebu – Cordova Link Expressway is one of the biggest infrastructure projects being undertaken in the Philippines. The project features a combination of a causeway, a gigantic cable-stayed bridge that will cross the navigable zone of the Cebu Strait, two viaducts and four low height bridges, as well as roadways and pedestrian walkways.

The main bridge will be built with a 400 meter cable-stayed main span, with 60-meter navigation clearance, allowing ships to easily navigate through the expressway. The main bridge of the expressway will connect Guadalupe River to the Shell Island in Cordova, while its colossal viaducts will link it to the causeway and road networks to Mactan.

For the reinforcement of the colossal expressway’s foundations, the contractor has chosen Dextra’s well-known rebar splicing solution Bartec. More than 35,000 units of Standard, Bridging, as well as Transition splices of steel grade 75, both in diameter 40 and 50, have been applied to the foundations’ piling cages as of July 2018. Moreover, to provide better end anchorages in congested areas, the CLJV opted for Dextra Bartec headed bars, which are also known as end anchors. Bartec end anchors are a convenient alternative to hooked bars, traditionally used for anchoring.

Count on DEXTRA for all your logistics needs.

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