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Project Update from Indumove

indumove old liftmotor which is removed

A mentionable move from Indumove with an old liftmotor which is removed from a pedestrian tunnel building.

Workers from Indumove removed parts of the engine of a 4.5-tonne 1933 lead elevator from the upper level of the tunnel. With careful and precise work, they removed the fragile parts of the old hoist motor from the machine housing and placed it in a wooden crate on a truck.

You can read more here: https://www.gva.be/cnt/dmf20221018_93394948

Everything for a good reason from Indumove. 👏 👏

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Another wonderful year with Indumove

Thank you GIRN indumove

🔔And more good news for the GIRN family.

Indumove has extended its membership in our network for another year.

Thanks again for your continued trust.

High quality partnerships, close cooperation and mutual networking – that´s GIRN. 🤝

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