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We are proud to announce that CSCG Inc. has joined the GIRN Family as a member.

A General Construction Company born in 1979, specialized in civil, mechanical, and electrical works for the industry. Their 30 years ‘experience has allowed them to meet and exceed all projects’ needs with vast experience in commercial building, government infrastructure, industrial services, clean rooms, rigging, machinery movement and installation, private development projects and others. It is characterized for its reliability, responsibility, and fulfillment of on–time and on-budget projects in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

CSCG also specializes in all types of rigging, machinery moving, plant relocation and installation, mill righting, mill maintenance, heavy hauling and fabrication. Specialty Rigging also provides crating and skidding of equipment for local moves as well as for shipments overseas.

Rigging trucks and trailers are air ride, to assure safe transport of all equipment. In order to efficiently perform their work also long or short-term storage is also available in their, 20,000 square foot facility.

They have a large selection of indoor forklifts, with capacities ranging up to 60,000 lbs. CSCG specialized to provide their customers highest performing personal, material, and equipment available, delivered consistently on time, and on budget. They get you back up and running fast with a minimum of shut down.

Welcome to GIRN, CSCG

KGE Global Logistics – Bogies from India to Kazakhstan

KGE Global Logistics - Bogies from India to Kazakhstan

KGE was nominated to transport 3 x Bogies from Kurali, India to Nur sultan Kazakhstan via multimodal mode of transport.

3 PCS of OOG cargo moved on 1 x 40’FR and 1 x Wagon. Dimensions of Bogie: 4.70 x 2.97 x 2.16 M Weight 9675KG.
This shipment is moved from Kurali on a flatbed to Mundra port and via Sea till Georgia, there it was loaded onto Wagon to final destination in Kazakhstan.

Their highly trained staff did survey in India and also in Georgia after loading and provided to the client along with complete daily tracking which result to a satisfactory feedback from their customer.

Member Update – Harder Logistics

GIRN HARDER recently "removed", as it is called in logistics jargon, 13 mixing units used in the cosmetics industry

Sophisticated project logistics at HARDER logistics – They recently “removed”, as it is called in logistics jargon, 13 mixing units used in the cosmetics industry, each weighing 5 tonnes, from a factory. The challenge: a false ceiling was installed around the mixing units.

They approached the project in three steps.

Step 1:

HARDER installed a hydraulic lifting system on the floor on top and used it to lift the mixing plants to the floor above.

Step 2:

On the upper floor, the mixing plant was placed on its side, as it did not fit through the façade when standing upright.

Step 3:

With the support of their assembly platform, the heavy weights were craned out of the building using a truck-mounted crane.

This spectacular removing of the mixing units was only one part within a factory relocation from Germany to Poland and Spain. The entire project was realized with 12 employees in two phases of 5 weeks each. The freight volume, which also included 3 complete filling lines, comprised 30 truckloads.

Perfect job Harder Logistics

Montron and Logimar’s project in Monselice

Montron and Logimar's project in Monselice

Perfect cooperation in our GIRN Family.

Montron and Logimar, when they met in Italy, not only had a pleasant exchange, but also discovered a potential collaboration that optimally combines their strengths and expertise. An exciting opportunity has come their way: the complete dismantling and removal of an internal automated logistics facility in Monselice.

This challenging task requires a team with the necessary know-how and experience. With 800 tons of steel, 200 tons of polypropylene and hundreds of kilometers of cables, a precise and professional approach is essential.

Montron and Logimar are looking forward to the future with anticipation and will keep in touch about a possible collaboration.

We cannot repeat: Together we can achieve more. And what better proof of this than the ongoing collaborations between our members.

Congratulations to you Logimar and Montron.

NEW PARTNER – Hilco Industrial Acquisitions

New Partner - Hilco Industrial Acquisitions

We are proud to announce that Hilco Industrial Acquisitions has joined the GIRN Family as a partner.

As a Hilco Global company, Hilco Industrial is uniquely able to offer a simple, strategic option to their clients: asset acquisition.

A full complement of Acquisition, Disposition and Refinance solutions. With the experience of their seasoned associates, their well-established network of buyers, and the financial backing of the Hilco Global organization, Hilco Industrial is the only Machinery & Equipment asset disposition company that can offer this straight-forward alternative, simplifying the monetization process for the client and guaranteeing a positive result up front.


Asset Acquisition:

They will take the time to study your asset mix and structure a detailed offering. Working with the other Hilco Global companies, they also often develop a strategy and an “all-inclusive” package for assets other than Machinery and Equipment such as Real Estate, Inventory, WIP, Accounts Receivable and Intellectual Property. These complex situations are where Hilco offers value above all of their competitors. Of course, Hilco will gladly work under the compensation arrangement that best suits the circumstances. In fact, they often structure arrangements involving aspects of several options.

Welcome to GIRN, Hilco Industrial Acquisitions!

Member News – KGE Global Logistics

GIRN - KGE 2 X Pump from Jebel Ali, UAE to Kazakhstan

KGE was nominated to transport 2 x Pumps from Jebel Ali, UAE to Kazakhstan
2 PCS of OOG cargo moved on 40’FR(OH)


5.790 x 2.110 x 2.950 M Weight 9650KG / Pump

This shipment is moved from Jebel Ali to Mersin port on 40’FR and from there it was loaded onto two Trucks to different final destinations.

These both pumps were successfully delivered to their respective destinations with support of their highly skilled and dedicated team.

Perfect job KGE Team.

Member Update – Montron GmbH

Montron GmbH Charity

Since inflation, daily life is becoming more and more expensive. From food prices to fuel bills, as well as rent, electricity and gas – the additional costs are almost unmanageable, especially for low-income families.

But there is a glimmer of hope: companies can help improve the living conditions of these families by providing free services and enable them to lead a better life. For this reason, Montron GmbH has decided to support socially disadvantaged families and children.

The first project of this kind was a pro bono assembly for the after-school care center of the Wiener Bedarfshilfe. Two of our employees assembled four IKEA chests of drawers. The chests of drawers serve as storage space for the children and were accepted with great enthusiasm.

They are proud to have made a small contribution to improving the lives of these children and hope that other companies will follow this example. Because together we can make a big difference and help make the world a better place.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can Help someone.”