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What’s new at Relopack?

Whats new at Relopack

Relopack, the company specialising in export packing, is not slowing down and is consistently developing its machine relocation department..

Since the beginning of the year, either alone or in cooperation with proven and trusted partners, they have managed to complete several interesting and successful projects in Europe.

In 2023, Relopack mechanical teams were already working for the:

  • Paper industry in Sweden
  • Automotive industry In France
  • Waste sorting industry in Belgium and Germany
  • Petrochemical industry in Switzerland
  • Heavy warehousing industry in Austria

That is why Relopack is one of the best company for export packing and mechanical works when dismantling old machines or installing new ones.

Case Study Brunel Shipping Goods Arrived into Antwerp port on breakbulk vessel from Tianjin, China

Case Study Brunel Shipping Goods Arrived into Antwerp port on breakbulk vessel from Tianjin, China

Brunel Shipping executed this task perfectly too with a breakbulk vessel from Tianjin. Cargo is delivered to Teeside for British Steel UK safe and sound.


Commodity : 2 x STEEL ROLL-MILL

Weight : 39318KGS EACH

Dims : 5680mm x 1510mm x 1550mm X 2

Goods Arrived into Antwerp port on breakbulk vessel from Tianjin, China.
Brunel Shipping has undergone, customs clearance, T1 and delivery of Goods to British Steel in the UK. They have 2 low loaders Collecting from the port of Antwerp to final delivery place Lackenby, Teeside for British Steel UK.

Fine work done by Brunel Shipping.



We are proud to announce that we continue to expand our network with the recent arrival of new member from Poland, a warm welcome to Margiz!

as a specialist present on market since 1991, is a specialist for disassembly, installation and complete relocation of machines, production lines as well as complete plants and mills.

Services in their portfolio are starting with matchmarking, enabling fluent rebuilding, through 3D scanning, measurements, professional mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical services, professional project management, transportation and containers on-Site handling up to commissioning of machines.

Experienced team of managers, engineers, mechanicians, electricians, operators is aimed to tailor solutions for Customers’ projects and achieve the best possible effects for them.

Elasticity in personnel amount (up to 120 persons on project), shifts, diverse services portfolio, as well as own machinery fleet ensure that best effects are achieved for executed investments.

Over 30 years of experience is a guarantee of safety for partners, Customers and contractors.

Welcome to GIRN, Margiz!

Samoco – Relocation of National Heritage – Acient Wooden ‘Walen’ Boat Céphée

Samoco had just relocated and fixed a National Heritage. The Ancient wooden Walen boat was moved and restored at the Antwerp site. As both in and outside the ship is fixed and relocated to it’s new place.


Start Location: Antwerp – Jordaens Quay nearby ‘Het Steen’

Destination: Antwerp – Dry Docks Site

Weight Boat: 50 ton

Weight Framework (inside and outside structure): 40 ton

Weight Total Transport (incl. SPMT): 140 ton

Size: Length 39m x Width 5m x Height 4m


To fix the wooden ship from out- & inside, as it was in a very bad condition, they have built up an internal and external construction that protects the ship against collapsing or unfolding. Samoco used wooden shores to reinforce and support the inside of the ship and a special engineered steel supporting frame was built on the outside of the ship, because they could not transport the ship without it.

In order to make the necessary preparations and to get everything safely in place, Samoco also used a telehandler, an aerial work platform, a crane truck, a truck, a mini crane and rigging material. To lift the supporting frame with the ship in it for transport, they used a multiple cube jacking system.

Once the steel structure with ship was high enough, their SPMT could easily pick up the steel structure with the ship and the jacking systems were removed.


Preparation 3 weeks (for steel welding, drilling, coating and pre-construction)

2 weeks – delivery and construction of reinforcements on outside and inside boat

1 week for jacking up, transport, jacking down and clean-up work areas.

Samoco did an excellent job to the ship.

Pol-Inowex – The largest dismantling project in Europe

The largest dismantling project in Europe

The largest dismantling project in Europe is in the best hands.

Pol-Inowex dismantling a refinery, and due to the challenges we are sure that Pol-Inowex is going to execute this task perfectly like the others.

Here to mention that this is a great cooperation within the GIRN and behalf of Pol-Inowex, Modpack System, and 7 Worldwide Logistics.


Start: August 2021

Scope of work: Dismantling of refinery

Location: Switzerland

Number of shipped containers so far: 730

Number of shipped Break Bulk (oversize) so far: 281

Heaviest element: 63 t

Total weight [t]: 15 376,6

NEW PARTNER – Lyseo Special & Project

NEW PARTNER - Lyseo Special & Project 1

We are glad to announce that Lyseo Special & Project has joined GIRN as a partner from France.

Lyseo Special & Project is a company specialized in logistic challenges. They have 25 years of experience in the management of complex project around the world.


Industrial Projects – Out of Gauge, High and Heavy cargo & infrastructures

Challenging zoom – Handling from the first to the last kilometer

Administrative Support – Management and advises on international contracts

Customs representation – Both Import & Export shipment

Chartering – Dedicated flights & vessels

Hazardous cargo – Handling of containerized cargo & air freigh

Logistics solution – Road and Rail transport & warehousing

Welcome to GIRN, Lyseo Special & Project!

New year – new location!


Our 2nd annual meeting is forthcoming 🤩


We are looking forward to see you all again in person and experience wonderful days together from 07-09 Sept 2023 in beautiful BUDAPEST. 

Partner Update – Energomontage Engineering

Project Update Energomontage Engineering

Dismantling of a 300t double eccentric press for its relocation from Austria to Bulgaria. All electrical and mechanical dismantling including loading on trucks was completed by their team in one week!

Energomontage Engineering is always giving the best.