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Relocation project in Düsseldorf and Mülheim:

NEWS Update from a relocation project in Düsseldorf and Mülheim:

7WL finished first very exciting part of their relocation project in Düsseldorf and Mülheim.
For a receiver in northern Italy 7WL moved out about 10 overdimensional transports.
With dimensions of about 16 meter length, 3,6 meter width, close to 4 meter height and weights up to 40 tons unit weight the first part of the project is finished.
7WL has to say thank you to the involved
dismantling / loading parties Pol-Inowex and Margiz z.o.o. that the planning and execusion of these transport has been done in such an easy way.
In the same time we have finished about 150 tilt trucks for the same receiver and a bit more then the same amount is still to come..

Now that the first part has been completed, they are looking forward to the next sub-projects in this interesting dismantling project.