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Virtual and Hybrid Events: Trends for 2022

In the past two years, events have been evolving to match the current situation. All businesses are forced to adapt and implement what is still possible to reach the target audience. According to new research from LinkedIn (interview with more than 1,800 marketers from 13 countries) 85% of these had held virtual events from the last year alone. The virtual event will most likely continue to grow its trends, but 78% of these said that in-person events will return once the situation changes.

Other study from markletic shows that around a third of event organizers say they are expecting to invest in hybrid events for the near future. Most of the larger companies will more likely host hybrid events where in-person content with virtual content are combined. The software for such events will be also in demand and will grow within the next few years. Some of the benefits of hybrid events are: it allows your company to maximize revenue through cutting back on travel budget and also boost attendance numbers.

As a network of professionals for factory relocation, GIRN has done some virtual events to connect members and partners throughout the world and also introduce our networks to potential members and partners. We strongly believe that an in-person event is the best way for networking, therefore an Annual Meeting is already on our agenda, should the situation allow it. By combining virtual and in-person events, we will continue to facilitate our members and partners to be connected and grow business together.

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