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Successful Project of our Member TPL: Shipment of Huge Silos

We always are open to share a successful stories and projects of our partners and members. Today we have a look at a project conducted by TPL (Transport & Project Logistics)bv

TPL shipped several huge silos between March-May 2021. Directly by coaster from Pal (Liege Port, Belgium) to Gdańsk (Poland). The largest units were 575 cm He x 550 Wi x 2500 Le and weighted more than 50 tones. Due to their sizes it was impossible to transport it by road.

TPL found an alternative solution. They carefully planned unloading the siloes on the pontoon via the Vistula river in Poland, which was only navigable for a few months.

TPL showed how flexible they are and that there is not a problem that can not be solved!

In case of any questions please contact: Robert Vermetten


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