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Rabotec Group – New Member from Ghana

We are glad to inform you: Rabotec Group has joined GIRN as a member from Ghana!

Rabotec Ghana Limited is a group of companies devoted to lasting success in Mining Services, Engineering, Construction and Transport. As well as being one of Africa’s best in the provision of the services aforementioned, the group provides financial services to individuals and groups.

The company delivers sustainable solutions for maximum customer productivity through innovative products and services. Since its founding in 2002, Rabotec has established a reputation for excellence in services relating to mining, engineering, construction, transport and Financial Services.

Rabotec has a reliable team of skilled engineers, craftsmen and artisans from within the local market. In addition, they maintain contacts and working relationships with several highly experienced independent contractors from South Africa, USA/Canada and UK.

Welcome to GIRN, Rabotec Group!

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