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Project Update from Sinoserv

📢Sinoserv had a very successful and a bit hard task by done the whole installation with online help.

Both of the actions went well with the customer who helped delivering every tool from Germany to Fujian.


For the first machine, which was installed in Fujian Province, the customer delivered everything from Germany and SINOSERV was ordered for the mechanical and electrical installation and assembly.

For the second machine, which was installed in Shangdong Province, SINOSERV was asked to additionally manufacture, deliver and install:

– an A/C-system for the E-container

– two cooling water piping systems for the chill rollers and the drive motors

– fresh water piping for the roller cleaning system

– seven air duct systems for the connection from the hot-air boxes to the dryers.

For both machines, after the installation and assembly was done, SINOSERV provided a PLC-Specialist, as well as an Engineer for the commissioning of the burners, for the start-up of the line with the online support from Commissioning-Engineers from the manufacturer in Germany.

Another great example of how SINOSERV can help their customers, when the Engineers of the manufacturer cannot travel to China due to travel restrictions.

What a brilliant and tough job from Sinoserv 👏👏

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