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Project Update from 7WL

🔝7WL Bremen had a double challenging task with a 69 tons trafo transport to Greece.

The task was completed just before the national holiday.


7WL Bremen just recently finished the transport of a 69 tons Trafo from Eltmann, Germany to

Piraeus Port Greece incl. arranging the mobile crane for lifting ex storage place onto truck.

The timeline of this transport was under special pressure as the trafo was urgently needed in Greece for support of existing equipment during summer and holiday season. The process for permit application was therefore under daily revision by 7WL in order not to loose any day.

As from loading day incl. lifting operations they just had 3 days to reach the target vessel in Antwerp port.

7WL finally reached the day when vessel was already under full loading operations and unluckily it was also a day before national holiday. So double challenging.

With all parties involved – incl. telephone calls till late evening – it was finally managed to get this unit save and sound on board on “MV Grande Ellade”.

This was a pretty hot stuff. 🙌🙌

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