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PARTNER ALERT: Kamor Logistics LTD

We have more great news!

Our network keeps growing and growing. We are pleased to welcome a company Kamor Logistics LTD from Israel.

Kamor Logistics LTD is specialized in logistic services for importers and exporters and provides a One-Stop-Shop package of services for those operating in international trade and all along the supply chain.

The company offers a package of services to importers and exporters by sea and air, customs and logistics, and specializes in heavy logistics projects. In the recent years, Kamor Logistics is deeply involved in infrastructure projects of national scale in Israel, serving foreign manufacturers and construction companies involved locally in the multifaceted project of the new Tel Aviv region Light Railway System.

Kamor Logistic Ltd combines advanced technology with maximum investment in human resources. Kamor Logistic Ltd is known for its stability and financial strength through responsible management characterized by the strictest allocation of credit, division of resources, maintenance of equity and continual development.

Kamor’s skilled, long-serving employees contribute greatly to the stability of Kamor Logistic Ltd.

Welcome to GIRN, Kamor Logistics LTD!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit Kamor Logistics LTD LinkedIn profile and website.

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