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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA


We are delighted to announce that Rohde & Liesenfeld joined the GIRN-Family as a partner for USA & Canada.

Plant Relocations – today, more than ever – depend on effective transportation and logistics support systems. Responding on time, every time, is where Rohde & Liesenfeld’s team meet the demanding requirements of their clients.

– Project Freight Forwarding –
It’s their core service where they focus on variety of industries and offer their clients a seamless portfolio of support services, from the initial planning to the final delivery.

– Over Dimensional Inland Movements –
They offer Rail, Truck and Barges for over dimensional inland movements. They make sure that they match the right equipment to your shipping needs.

– Project Freight Budgets Estimating –
Their budget estimation service for project freight forwarding helps you through the initial planning phase where it is essential for the project schedules to be realized.

Their main services are:

∙ Project Freight Forwarding
∙ Over Dimensional Inland Movements
∙ Project Freight Budgets Estimating
∙ Single Source Logistics Provider and many more!

We are proud welcoming Rohde & Liesenfeld Inc to the Global Industrial Relocation Network – GIRN !

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