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New Member from Greece: APL Projects – Installation of New Industrial Equipment, New Production Lines and Industrial Plants.

New Member!

We are happy to announce that : AGGELOU K. – PLOUKIDIS K. G.P. (APL PROJECTS) has joined GIRN as a member from Greece.

The main activities of APL Projects are the installation of new industrial equipment, new production lines and industrial plants, in Greece and abroad. They specialize in high precision engineering requirements with accuracy + – 0,2mm for axes, parallelism, altitudes and + -0,05mm for flatness – to the limits of the measuring instruments.

Having already more than 18 years of professional experience and expertise with zero accident record in the industry, is what earns APL Projects customer trust. Clients rely on them because they know APL Projects continue until the job is done, no matter where or when.

Main services:

  • New Equipment Installation
  • Relocation Projects
  • Upgrading Existing Projects
  • Industrial Projects Using Existing Equipment
  • EPC Projects
  • Repair and Maintenance Projects

At APL Projects the management team plays an active role in leading the team on a day-to-day basis and, with collaborate with reliable partners – subcontractors, surveyors, civil engineers and electricians, in order to offer, a total solution, APL Projects are fully prepared to successfully complete every project they tackle.

Welcome to GIRN, APL Projects.

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