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523 Sylvan Ave, 5th Floor
Mountain View, CA 94041USA

New Member – D&P Projects

We are pleased to announce that D&P Projects has joined GIRN as member from Greece.

With permanent and well-organized crews, with experienced craftsmen in every field, everyone, working as a team from planning to implementation, are at the disposal of their clients in order to offer them the best possible result.

More specifically, their company, founded in 2019, offers complete solutions in matters of mechanical maintenance, installs machinery in industrial areas, while undertaking the repair of industrial equipment.

D&P PROJECTS, provides a team of engineers and trained staff who have the ability and the know-how to effectively perform any type of installation and testing operation, following the safest and fastest route, carries out installations or relocations of electromechanical equipment – new machines or production lines.

The field of equipment installation, following their many years of involvement in the maintenance of a wide range of industries, renders them one of the fastest and at the same time experienced partners in the field of installation or dismantling of machines and of production lines.

Welcome to GIRN, D&P PROJECTS!