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Member Update – Harder Logistics

Sophisticated project logistics at HARDER logistics – They recently “removed”, as it is called in logistics jargon, 13 mixing units used in the cosmetics industry, each weighing 5 tonnes, from a factory. The challenge: a false ceiling was installed around the mixing units.

They approached the project in three steps.

Step 1:

HARDER installed a hydraulic lifting system on the floor on top and used it to lift the mixing plants to the floor above.

Step 2:

On the upper floor, the mixing plant was placed on its side, as it did not fit through the façade when standing upright.

Step 3:

With the support of their assembly platform, the heavy weights were craned out of the building using a truck-mounted crane.

This spectacular removing of the mixing units was only one part within a factory relocation from Germany to Poland and Spain. The entire project was realized with 12 employees in two phases of 5 weeks each. The freight volume, which also included 3 complete filling lines, comprised 30 truckloads.

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