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Member Update from TPL

TPL (Transport & Project Logistics) had just a loaded a huge containervessel with 2 x 5200 kgs silos from France to Colombo.


2 silos from France to Colombo via Antwerp port. 1 unit/5200 KGS, 1 silo 21,504M x 3,56M x 3,783M1 unit/5200 KGS, 1 silo 21,502M x 3,529M x 3,495M

They have arranged the discharging at the terminal in Antwerp, loading on a bed of 40’ flats on a containervessel, discharging in Colombo.

A special spreader of 21m was needed.

Everything is in great hands and full control. Perfect work TPL. 👌👏

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