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Member News from Harder Logistics

📢Member News from Harder Logistics

In the last period, Marcello Danielli of Harder has given several interviews, which we would like to share with you.

In addition, you can now watch a new video from Harder Logistics on the new Container hall on our website.

This is a fully automated container storage facility with online access for their customers and 24-hour access.

Marcello Danieli, Hermann Allgaier and their team can claim 317 company relocations in 7 years. Stefan Bottler asked this number and much more in a research interview for DVZ Deutsche Verkehrs-Zeitung. He summarized the news of their company in the current issue of the trade medium.

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How did Harder Logistics become what it is today? In a portrait, Eva Hassa from VerkehrsRundschau looks at the development of Harder Logistics from a small office and machine moving company to a successful niche service provider.

▶️Read what prompted Marcello Danieli to jump into the cold water of logistics –

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