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New Partner from UK: ExonTech

Technology is best when it brings people together!

It always has been a very important part of our life and businesses. That’s why we are extremely happy that Exon Tech Ltd has decided to become a GIRN’s partner!

Exon Tech Ltd., a UK Engineering and Software design company has developed through twenty years’ experience some extremely unique software.

Database designed specifically to monitor, store and track information associated with the dismantling, transporting and reassembling of plants and industrial assets.

Asset Relocation has been developed through the experience gained over twenty years of global petrochemical plant relocations. Such a practise has been proven to reduce risk, time and therefore cost of such complex projects.

Using their own systems, they can generate reports, audits, instructions, shipping manifests and 3D Models and design drawings. Therefore, they can greatly assist in the ultimate refurbishment, shipping, laydown, rebuild as well as future operation of the plant in its desired destination

In case of any questions please contact Andrew Swanson the commercial director at Exon Tech!


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