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Case Study: Industrial Relocation Project From Romania to Greece by Modpack

Turnkey Solution for Industrial Relocation

·Turnkey installation and plant relocation

·Automation and controls

·Custom machine design and refurbishing

·Precision alignment

·Electrical Services

·Mechanical Services

·Electrical maintenance and testing

·Utilities installation (air/water/electricity/ exhausting system)

·Industrial consulting Services

Romania to Greece industrial relocation
Planning and project management.

The project was thoroughly analyzed in terms of relevant technical and organizational settings. A detailed schedule was created, as well as a risk management assessment. Start dismantling the production sauces line which includes oversized tanks using our 50 tons crane.

Loading and transport:

Loading and transport was the final part of the dismantling process and the penultimate phase of relocation services. Loading the production sauces line and labelled its mechanical/electrical components onto the trucks.

Re-assembly is the most work and time-consuming stage, as it takes about 70% of the total project duration. Coordinating tanks unloading to the new production facility layout.

Unloading, moving, and final positioning the AC units in accordance with the new layout design. The final position of the AC units was on top of the building.

Planning, preparing and moving, using specialized equipment, the production equipment into the new production area.

Handling the spare parts of the production line, positioning it according with the new layout.

Recommissioning, checking, routing and connecting all the necessary electric equipment.

Preparing the new layout to sustain all the utilities and connecting all the necessary electric equipment.

Reconfiguring the design of metallic structure by welding it in accordance with the new layout of the sauces tanks.

The close cooperation and collaboration between the engineering, production and assembly teams demonstrates our Single Source Supplier service. Consequently, we can deliver projects within faster timelines and at very competitive commercial rates.

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