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Cooperation Between Members: Pol-Inowex and Relopack Solutions

An example for an successful cooperation between members of GIRN:

One of our members has contacted us with a problem:

Several projects of Polinowex have started at the same time. One of them is a project in Aalen (Germany), which has started in 2021.

Pol-Inowex needed a company to work with to finish this project.

Our network was able to help with this.
We connected Pol-Inowex and Relopack Solutions who are now working together on a project in Aalen. 👏

Dismantling of a paper manufacturing machine Aalen Germany:

·  Delivery time: 6 months
·  Number of containers: 440 containers
·  Weight of dismantled devices: 5700 Tonnes 
·  Employment: Polinowex 38, Relopac 10


Global Industrial Relocation Network

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