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Case Study from 7 WL

7 Worldwide Logistics has just executed perfectly and delivered the heat and quench exchangers from Berlin to Baghdad. The project finished just in time.


On behalf of a world leading producer of Heat Exchanger in the oil and Gas sector they have executed the transport of 10 Units Secondary Quench Exchanger together with spare parts and lifting devices having a ttl volume of around 600 FRT.

The cargo was collected ex factory Berlin by barge / truck combination in order to have the most efficient utilization of the equipment.Short before operations started they have been informed about massive vessel rotations with the effect that the ocean vessel started discharge / loading operations already at that time when their cargo was still at suppliers site. Same has directly lead to a lot of talks with MSC, Terminal Operators, Barge and Truck companies.

Together with all involved they finally managed to have all items exactly 1 day before vessel departure loadready at Terminal.After arrival at Eurogate Terminal Hamburg the cargo was directly transferred to Mafi Trailer for a smooth transfer alongside vessel “Monaco Maersk”. The 12 OOG Items have been stowed on a bed of 12×40’FR inside vessels hatch.All in all – perfect example for: “Just in time delivery”

As from arrival at Umm Qasr their local partner will take over and arrange the oncarriage till Refinery Site in Baghdad.

7WL did great again👏👏

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