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7WL – Crane Girders ex Germany to Arizona, USA

7 Worldwide Logistics team just recently finished a challenging delivery from Germany to Arizona. The transport executed perfectly, safe and sound accorded to the schedule. 7 WL did an astonishing job.


7 WL is happy to share some news about a recently finished project ex Germany to USA.

On behalf of their customer – a well known supplier for hoisting equipment – they arranged the transport of several crane girders with length up to 28 meter and accessories packed in boxes with a maximum width of 450 cms.

For smaller items 7WL offered a container lease option for the customer which allows a smart and cost saving solution for transport of all parts on same vessel.

Transport started ex fabrication yard located in eastern Germany and went via Brake Port on board of “Star Isfjord” till Houston, USA.

The last leg of 1770 kilometer till final receiver in Arizona was than again performed by trucks.