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7 Worldwide Logistics Power Plant Project Bangladesh

Already in September 2022 the 7WL Project Team has started the operations for the transport of a 150 MW power plant to Bangladesh on behalf of their customer MAN Energy Solutions.

The “heart” of the power plant will be 9 × MAN 18V48/60 TS engines which will finally produce reliable energy end 2023 in Sreepur – located in the north of Dhaka.

The complete logistic operations took around 6 months with constant cargo flow of 40’ Flats / 40’OT OT and HC Container from many different places in the world like Finland, India, China, Greece, Spain and Northern Europe.

The highlight of the project has been – without any doubts – a part charter with 2 separate loading ports in Europe ending by direct discharging into consignees barges in Mongla.

ex Saint Nazaire, France

9 Engines / each 1300x490x650 / each 320 tons9 TCA / each 520x360x360 / each 32 tons

ex Bilbao, Spain

9 Alternators / each 645 x 384 x 406 / each 71 tons

Watch the full video HERE