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Another Global Industrial Relocation Network NEWSLETTER is on!

As our network grows and we attract more companies from around the world, access to industry information is much easier. Now we have a question for you! One of our clients approached us to find a reliable company capable of doing dismantling work in Argentina. As of today, we do not have a member for this country. So, if you know a reliable company from this region or if your company is able to perform a paper mill dismantling in Argentina, please let us know! In order to do so you may approach Josefine Draxdorf, Jędrzej Świderek or Paula Mulak!

Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the numerous participants in our 1st webinar! We did not expect that so many of you would find the time to attend and listen to our speakers! We really appreciate your effort. Due to the high demand and many questions, we have decided to host another webinar at the end of April. Again, our speakers will be talking about the benefits that come from being a member! We are going to invite interesting guests, from all over the world, that will share their experiences with you! More information will be posted soon! We can’t wait to see you again!

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  1. Hello Gir Network company employes
    Im Simo Aitto-oja from Simec systems comapny from Finland.

    I visited Gir Network website and I see your word network.

    Im sure, that your network could be good know about Simec system: container/trailer load / unload system for project cargo handling.
    Simec systems is used exatly paper machines and wood indutries.

    I think, that you have to know about Simec system.

    What is Simec system
    We manufacture container stuffing system. Simec system suitable for loading/unloanding trailers and containers.

    Simec FL series is our most asked model.
    it is used with a forklift (forklift attachment). Small warehouse forklift enought.

    You can move over 30 tn cargo and you need only 2,5tn forklift.

    The forklift only transfers cargo. The device’s own mechanism lifts the load up

    The system consists of our developed hauling beam and hydraulic power unit.

    FL series lengths are 20′, 30′, 40′ and 45′. same machine. The device consists of 2-4 piece bar rows. Usually 3 pcs. Hauling beam minim height is 88mm and max height 145mm, when lift up.

    Simec platform very easy and quick assembly. Assembly takes a few hours and suitable for transporting inside a container.

    Reference: Valmet Oyj, Transval Oy, SL Cargo, Lumon Oy, Voith, etc, SCT logistics Australia, Gold Star logistics, SSAB, etc..

    We have deliveries around the globe.

    Paper machines parts, steel profile, motor, gearbox, milling machine, cutting, product line. etc. allows large point loads.

    This is video FL45 machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTILuqZ9CXs


    Loading dock system is HD serie.

    lots of hydraulic functions.
    The truck cargo can be emptied and transferred to a container.

    What you think our system?
    How I can know..about your network company and tell about our system.

    You can share a message in the company and send questions.

    BR: Simo

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