Shipment of LNG Tank by VPL

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Shipment of Viking Project Logistics – EXW Orhangazi, Bursa to Nemport, Izmit – 3 x LNG TANK.

VPL has just completed another shipment on last Thursday, 14.10.2021. They carried 3 x LNG Tank from EXW Orhangazi Bursa to Nemport, Izmir by 3 trucks.

As Viking Project Logistics arranged a SPMT with 3 x axles at the factory due to the job site was not suitable to load this OOG/OW tank into the lowbed and they had to arrange a SPMT.

VPL team moved the tank with dimension 30 mt x 4.3 mt x 4.6 – 64 tons from factory area to outside.

When they deliver them to port of Nemport , it will be loaded into the vessel and arrange the lashing/securing operation at the vessel.

The shipment details are as below:

Place of Loading: Exw Orhangazi

Port of Loading: Nemport,Izmir

Cargo details :

11.8 x 2.55 x 3.5 m – 11 Tons  – towable

15.80 m  X 3.10m X 3.40 m – 25.750 kgs – static

30.0 m x 4.3 m x  4.6 m. – 64 Tons  – static

The cargo will be delivered to Casablanca by their Monaco agency.

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